Center for International Education
December 2006

Andrzej Rucinski, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Andrzej Rucinski traveled to Poland and Ukraine in January 2006 to formalize a process for recruiting graduate students who will serve as teaching and research assistants here at UNH.


Andrzej Rucinski
Professor Rucinski with students at Odessa NationalUniversity in Ukraine.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is concerned with the quality of our TAs and RAs. Because US citizens, in general, are not interested in graduate study in engineering, we have to rely on foreign students, mostly from either India or China. It is difficult to verify the qualifications of these students. I have initiated recruitment of students from Central and Eastern Europe since the fall of the Soviet Union block, but the process has been conducted on an ad hoc basis.

I met with a selected group of candidates in Gdansk, Poland, and Odessa, Ukraine. Khrystyna Pysareva, a Ph.D. student at UNH, whom I recruited several years ago in Ukraine, participated in the meetings. I also met university presidents and vice presidents at both places.

The cooperation strategy was proposed and accepted by interested parties to organize a virtual team of students working on a common project with UNH students. The defined global project is to design subsystems in microelectronics at different universities using the Systemon a Chip (SoC) technology. For the full report, visit