Jessica Dennis '09

Financial Assistant

MIT, Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA

Majors:  International Affairs / Spanish

Language:  Spanish

Study Abroad:  Spain

Jessica Dennis '09
Jessica Dennis '09

After graduating from UNH in 2009 as an International Affairs (IA)/Spanish dual major, with minors in Business Administration and Economics, I traveled throughout Asia with a good friend and fellow UNH ’09 graduate. Ever since I took my first trip abroad at the age of 12 to Australia, I knew I would never be able to stop traveling, and that whatever I did in life must somehow include travel and international opportunities. Throughout the years I continued to travel, and after my most recent backpacking experience in Asia, I have visited a total of 25 countries.

The IA/Spanish dual major, and my semester in Valencia, Spain, only reconfirmed my desire to learn about and explore other cultures. My degree in IA and travel experiences truly opened my eyes to so many new and different ideas and perspectives on life. I also was able to learn a lot about myself.

After returning from Spain, I worked in the Center for International Education at UNH as an office assistant. I loved working with IA and study abroad students. I knew that higher education was the right field for me and that I could combine my passion for travel and my desire to work with students into one. I am currently working at MIT as an administrative assistant in the Music and Theater Arts Department, and I am pursuing my master’s degree in higher education. I hope to one day work in the International Studies or International Education Department as an international student advisor, coordinator of student programs, and eventually director.

In 2012, I completed my M.Ed in Higher Ed Administration at Northeastern University. I also founded the website, Gluten Free Boston Girl (, a blog dedicated to living a gluten free lifestyle based primarily in the Boston area.

My advice to all IA majors is to study abroad for at least a semester, if not a year. Take advantage of every opportunity you have while living abroad; travel and explore the world and the country in which you choose to study; and don’t be afraid to talk to the people of that culture to learn about their ways of life and beliefs.