IA MINOR: Policy, Curriculum & Requirements

Overall Structure of the IA Minor

The International Affairs Minor adds a recognized distinction and global context to any academic major. It was developed for those students who, due to the demands of their primary majors, are unable to complete the more rigorous requirements of the IA Dual Major.

Students take IA 401, the core course that provides a broad overview of international affairs from a geographic, scientific and political perspective.  Micro or Macro Economics is required. Undergraduates work towards intermediate proficiency in a foreign language, participate in a foreign experience of at least 3 weeks (or 4 credits) and take two globally relevant electives.


  • IA 401
  • ECON 401A OR 402A (or ECON 645 for those who have already satisfied ECON 402) OR EREC 411
  • Foreign Area elective (focused on the country/region of the foreign experience)
  • Elective in the Science, Technology & Private Sector category OR Policy & Theory category
  • 504 level minimum in a Foreign Language
  • A minimum of 4 credits or 3 weeks foreign experience (study abroad, internship, or directed research) in a country where the designated foreign language is spoken

General Policy

  • All International Affairs course requirements must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or better.
  • Coursework for the International Affairs minor may not be taken pass/fail.
  • International Affairs students are expected to maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA (which is the minimum required for study abroad at UNH).
  • Students should check-in with an IA advisor at least once a semester.
  • At least three courses must be taken in residence, including IA 401.
  • The Foreign Area elective should be taken before the foreign experience.
  • The minor is declared when the fifth course is being taken.  The student should obtain the declaration form from an IA advisor.

Core Course

IA 401 - International Perspectives: Geography, Science and Politics

IA 401 is a team-taught course (in three modules) and provides a broad overview of international affairs from geographic, scientific, and political perspectives, with an overarching focus on global environmental issues. 

  • IA 401 is to be taken no later than fall semester of the sophomore year.
  • Permission is required to register for IA 401, please contact the CIEGE.

Micro/Macro Economics

Students must take one of the following:

  • ECON 401A - Principles of Economics (Macro) International 
  • ECON 402A - Principles of Economics (Micro) International 
  • EREC 411 Environmental and Resource Economics Perspectives

Students who just wish to take ECON 401 or ECON 402 can get credit for the IA minor.  You may register yourself via WebCat after checking in with an IA advisor.


IA minors are required to take the Foreign Area elective and choose one elective course from either the Science, Technology & Private Sector category OR the Policy & Theory category.

  • The Foreign Area elective is taken prior to the foreign experience and must be approved by an IA advisor as relevant to the country or region where the student will study.
  • Courses used to satisfy International Affairs elective requirements must be from outside the student’s disciplinary major(s).

Complete list of electives (pdf)

Summer 2016 electives (pdf)

Fall 2016 electives (pdf)

Foreign Language Competency

IA minors must demonstrate functional reading, writing, speaking, and listening ability in a foreign language at the intermediate college level.

Foreign language competency requirement can be satisfied through:

  • Completing the study of the chosen language through the 2nd year, 2nd semester (generally this is the 504 level).
  • A grade of 'C' or better in an examination measuring competency in the chosen foreign language, equivalent to that required in the 2nd year, 2nd semester.

Students who pursue less commonly taught languages such as Arabic, Chinese or Japanese should speak with the Coordinator of Student Programs about suitable approved programs. 

Foreign Experience

A minimum of 4 credits or 3 weeks of study, directed research, internship, or professional experience in a country where the designated foreign language is spoken.

Students are required to meet with the Coordinator of Student Programs to plan for their foreign experience at least a semester prior to going abroad.

Students interested in directed research may wish to explore the Study Abroad Research Grants available through the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, Hood House 209.

Students who wish to complete the foreign experience requirement through an internship or professional experience abroad should first check the approved programs list for opportunities.  If there is no suitable program available then students should meet with their IA advisor to discuss the next steps which may entail a detailed petition and proposal process.  All materials should be submitted by the middle of the semester prior to the term in which the internship or experience is to occur.