Faculty Travel Reports 2009-2010

Each year, the Center for International Education awards competitive grants for faculty international development activities from funds provided by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Academic Year 2009-2010

Nelson Barber, Associate Professor of Hospitality ~ Italy

"...scholarly meeting of the VDQS chapter of the European Association of Wine Economists represents all European specialists and noted world specialists about wine production, economics and consumer marketing."

Janet Gold, Associate Professor of Spanish ~ Honduras

"...To gain more first-hand knowledge of the workings of NGOs in Honduras, I spent ten days in Santa Lucía, a village in the mountains outside of Tegucigalpa..."

Sean Moore, Assistant Professor of English ~ England

"The conference was somewhat daunting for me because I was the only English professor among an international group of economists and financial historians who used a lot more econometric data about the period than I did."

Julie Bryce, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences ~ Italy

"My motivation to visit Ferrara, Italy, could be put into one word: mantle. Earth’s mantle is its large rocky layer that extends beneath the crust on which we stand down to Earth’s metallic core."

Paula Salvio, Professor of Education ~ Sicily

"My book focuses on what is perhaps the most iconic high profile form of organized crime – the Italian mafia or mafias – in order to portray an exemplary international anti-crime social movement whose roots are in Sicily and that has been active since the late 1980’s."

Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, Assistant Professor of Composition Studies ~ England

"With the assistance of a travel grant from the Center for International Education at UNH, I was able to attend and present my research at the 2009 Writing Development Conference at the University of London."

Martin McKinsey, Associate Professor of English ~ Scotland

"This past July, with the help of a CIE travel grant, I attended the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literature (IASIL) in Glasgow, Scotland."

Devkamal Dutta, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship ~ India

"I presented a paper at the first Indian Academy of Management Research Conference held at the prestigious XLRI Jamshedpur School of Business and Human Resources."

Judy Sharkey, Associate Professor of Education ~ Colombia

"With funding from the CIE and the Center for Humanities, I traveled to Colombia this summer to begin an international collaboration with Dr. Amparo Clavijo-Olarte at the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas (UDFJC) in Bogotá, Colombia."