Eligibility Form

Study Away Eligibility Form

The Study Away Eligibility form is one of many forms you must submit to UNH. It verifies that you meet both judicial and academic standards as set by UNH for study away programs, both at the time of application and prior to departure. The form must be submitted the semester before you go.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download the form here

2. Print the form and fill out the first section.

3. Submit the form to your Dean's office.

4. Your Dean's office will fill out the second part of the form and return it to the CIE. We will notify you of the outcome via your UNH email.

Please be aware that your Study Abroad Advisor cannot sign any forms from a study abroad provider/foreign university until she has received the eligibility form back from your Dean’s Office.

As mentioned before, the Study Away Eligibility form must be submitted the semester before you go abroad. If you want to apply for a program earlier, you must submit an eligibility form at that time and repeat the process the semester before you actually go abroad.

Please note that another judicial and academic eligibility check will be performed prior to departure.