CIE Engagement

The Center for International Education supports the goals of the current UNH strategic plan and that of the 10/24/11 Report to the President on Internationalizing UNH through the following areas of endeavor:

Study Abroad and Exchange
• Study, research or intern in over 65 countries
• Apply your financial aid towards your study abroad
• Go abroad for a year, semester, summer or on a short-term program
• Take courses that may fulfill your major, minor, and Discovery requirements, and satisfy a personal interest
• Gain knowledge, skills and experience for a competitive edge in graduate school or your future career

International Affairs Dual Major
• Combine International Affairs with any UNH major
• Study current global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, making connections between politics, business, economics, geography, history, social justice & the environment
• Deepen your understanding of a particular country or region through international coursework
• Build global effectiveness and cultural competency
• Develop valuable foreign language proficiency
• Conduct international research
• Pursue career opportunities with an international dimension

To make your international experience more affordable, UNH offers scholarships ranging from $500 - $5,000, based on need and/or merit. Visit or ask your study abroad advisor about additional external funding opportunities.

Tollan Renner '13 in Korea

"I no longer feel far removed from the news headlines about events abroad…People and experiences in each of these countries have hammered home for me the responsibility we as American citizens have to each other and to the world."

~ Tollan Renner '13  (Statistics & Economics),
    studied in Korea, Taiwan, and China