Applied - Accepted

Congratulations; you have applied for the study abroad program of your choice! Make sure to notify your
Study Abroad Advisor and then take the following steps:

Step 1:  Fill out the mandatory Study Abroad registration documents (will be emailed to you once you have notified your Study Abroad Advisor) of your application. Meet the deadline!

Step 2:  Prepare! Read up on money, travel, health and safety, and other useful resources.

Step 3:  Apply for a student visa, if required.

Step 4:  Arrange your flights and email the itinerary to

Step 5: Petition to be released from your housing contract if you live on campus. If you want to return to campus housing, fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Step 6:  Attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation (held early May/December, on a Saturday afternoon).

Step 7: Review UNH international insurance information, download the International SOS membership app, sign up for travel alerts, and purchase additional coverage if needed for extended personal travel.

Step 8:  Go, learn lots, and have an amazing time abroad!