Applied - Accepted

Congratulations; you have applied for the study abroad program of your choice! Here are your next steps to take for our Summer and Fall Study Abroad Checklist or Spring Study Abroad Checklist.

  1. Fill out the mandatory UNH Study Abroad registration documents emailed to you. These documents must be submitted to CIE by March 15 (Summer/Fall abroad) or October 15 (Spring abroad)
  2. Petition to be released from your housing contract if you live on campus. If you want to return to campus housing, fill out the appropriate paperwork.
  3. Apply for a student visa, if required.
  4. Register your trip in the  UNH International Travel Registry. This is a mandatory step. Attend a Travel Registry Workshop.
  5. Attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation (held early May/December, on a Saturday afternoon). The exact date will be emailed.
  6. Prepare! Read up on money, travel, health and safety, and other useful resources.
  7. Review UNH international insurance information, download the International SOS membership app, sign up for travel alerts, and purchase additional coverage if needed for extended personal travel.
  8. Go, learn lots, and have an amazing time abroad!