Advising and Registration

It is highly recommended that IA majors and minors meet with an advisor at least once per semester for a plan of study. This will help students take advantage of the opportunities available and ensure a timely graduation,

During the plan of study appointment, an IA advisor works with each student to map out (and revise as necessary) a course plan that includes the IA core and electives, Discovery or general education requirements, and primary major requirements—including a minimum of eight weeks international course work or internship.

It is recommended that students check in with their primary major advisor before they schedule with IA.

Meet our IA Advisors:

Catherine D'Auteuil

Catherine D'Auteuil
Education Abroad Program Manager

IA education abroad advising

Advising Hours:
  Monday:   1:00-3:00 
  Tuesday:  9:00-11:00
  Wednesday:  9:00-11:00
  Thursday:  9:00-11:00

Molly Wallace

Molly Wallace, Ph.D.
Int'l Affairs Faculty/
Hood House Lecturer

IA academic advising

Advising Hours (through April 5, 2016):
  Monday: 4:00-5:00
  Tuesday: 11:00-12:30; 2:30-4:00


Maingi Solomon

Maingi Solomon, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Geography & International Affairs

IA academic advising

Advising Hours:
  Friday: 9:00-11:00

You can schedule your own advising appointments via Wildcat Advising.  Please note that you can only schedule an education/study abroad appointment after you have attended a Study Abroad Information Session,  To schedule an appointment for either IA education/study abroad advising or IA academic advising, follow the instructions below (and please use Firefox or Chrome browsers):

  • Log in to Wildcat Advising  (use your UNH username and password)
  • Select Appointment from the top menu
  • Select Request New Appointment
  • Select the appropriate Type of appointment (only select one!): 
    • Center for International Education – International Affairs General Advising (for IA students ONLY!)
      These appointments will be with Prof. Molly Wallace or Prof. Maingi Solomon
    • Center for International Education – International Affairs Study Abroad Advising (for IA students ONLY!)
      These appointments will be with Catherine D'Auteuil
  • At the bottom, select Check Availability
  • Select the day and time that works for you
  • Review request, answer any questions, and click Submit