Inorganic/Organic Lunch Talks

12:10 - 1 pm
Room N114, Parsons Hal


September 18

Christian Tooley

Design and Synthesis of [FeFe] Hydrogenase Mimics Using Single-chain Nanoparticles

September 25

Sharon Song

Justin Cole

Polycyclic Nonplanar Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Building from Dibenzochrysene

Single Chain Poly(norbornene imide) Technology: From Fundamental Architectures to Sensing Applications

October 2

Holly Guevara

Oxidation Reactions of 4,5-Benzoxepin - a Model Substrate for Benzene Metabolism

October 9

Christopher Lyon

Zipping Polymers into Nanoparticles Using Alternating Radical Copolymerization

October 16

Kaushik Bala

Selectvity in Cyclopropanoxide Rearrangements and Homologation-lactonization in Alphacarboxyester Imides

October 23

Rekha Chhetri

Progress Towards the Synthesis of Phenylalanine-Derived Cyclopropanols and Bicylic Lactones

October 30

Lea Nyiranshuti

Ratiometric Fluorescent Metal Ion Indicators Based on Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Phase Transitions


November 6


Kyle Rodriguez

Porphyrin-containing Polymer Nanoparticles for Modeling Heme Protein Iron Coordination

November 13

Mahmoud Abdalrahman

Ligand Design and Synthesis for Cu(II) Sensing

November 20

Ashley Hanlon

Caitlyn Hoffman

Towards Well-defined Single-chain Nanoparticles via Multiple Intra-Chain Reactions

New Strategies for Cycloaddition Chemistry

November 27

Thanksgiving Holiday

No seminar

December 4

David Danico

Jarec Rondeau

Development of FeFe Hydrogenase Mimic with the Ability to Take Part in Thiol-ene Click Reactions

CO2 Utilization via Nickel Phosphine Catalysts

December 11



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