Inorganic/Organic Lunch Talks

12:10 - 1 pm
Room N116, Parsons Hal


January 30

Holly Gevara

Chris Lyon

Toward Synthetic and Enzymatic Oxidations of Oxepins.  An Investigation into One Mechanism of Benzene Metabolism

Updates on Reversible and Irreversible Nanoparticle Formation from Single Polymer Chains

February 6

Sharon Song

Jinyu Yang


February 13

Rekha Chhetri

Justin Cole


Polynorbornene-Based Single-Polymer Nanoparticles

February 20

Alka Prasher

Peter Frank


February 27

Kyle Rodriguez

Ashley Hanlon


March 6

Christian Tooley

Caitlin Hoffman


March 13

Open at the moment


March 20

Spring Break


March 27

Mahmoud Abdalrahman


April 3

Open at the moment


April 10

Luke Fulton

Lea Nyiranshuti


April 17

Austin Power

David Waste


April 24

Max Bilodeau

Peter Kimball


 May 1

Brittney Hutchinson

Justin Dapolito


Updated 1/26/15