Inorganic/Organic Lunch Talks

12:10 - 1 pm
Room N116, Parsons Hall


September 5

Christian Tooley

Toward a Completely Synthetic Enzyme Mimic of [FeFe] Hydrogenase: A Method for Covalently Binding a Single Diiron Cluster to RAFT Polymers

September 12

Hao Geng

Progress towards the synthesis of [60]Fullerene-Starphene adducts

September 19

Sarah Skraba Joiner

Acid Catalyzed Skeletal Rearrangements of Arenes

September 26

Ashley Hanlon

Synthesis of Star Polymers for Guided Self-assembly into Patchy Colloidal Nanoparticles

October 3

Lea Nyiranshuti

TAMEisoquin, a novel fluorescent Zinc sensor: Syntheses and spectroscopic studies

October 10

Holly Guevara

Using Synthetic Oxepins to Investigate the Mechanism of Benzene Metabolism by Cytochrome P450

October 24

Justin Cole

Tom Fenton

Single Chain Nanoparticles by Intramolecular Radical Polymerization: A Facile and Versatile Approach

Covalent Surface Attachment of Rhenium Photocatalysts and Mechanistic Investigation of CO2 Reduction

October 31

Chris Lyon

Luke Fulton

Title to be provided.

Title to be provided.

November 7

Sharon Song

Caitlin Hoffman

Nonplanar Aromatics: Building from Dibenzochrysene

New Synthetic Routes to Graphene Nanoblock

November 14

Jianyu Zhao

Alka Prasher

Linearly extended pyrylium and thiopyrylium salts as organic semiconductors

Polymeric Nanostructures via Inter and Intrachain Sonogashira Coupling in Dilute Solution

November 21

Rikha Chetri

Title to be provided.

December 5

Jinyu Yang

Mahmoud Abdalrahman

Syntheses and Characterization of Acenotropylium Salts

Title to be provided.

December 12

Kyle Rodriguez

Peter Frank

Kaushik Bala

Modeling Heme-thiolates: Ligand Synthesis and metal complexation

Probing the effects of polymer backbone architecture in anthracene mediated folding of single polymer chains

Title to be provided.

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