Inorganic/Organic Lunch Talks

12:10 - 1 pm
Room N116, Parsons Hall


January 24

Hao Geng

Progress Towards the Synthesis of Starphenes

January 31

Sarah Skraba Joiner

Peter Frank

Cationic and Free Radical Rearrangements in Arenes

Probing the effect of polymer backbone chemistry on the anthracene photodimerization mediated folding of single polymer chains

February 7

Deepthi Bhogadhi

Alka Prasher

Preparation of Peptide Crosslinking Agent

Polymeric Nanostructures via Inter and Intrachain Sonogashira Coupling in Dilute Solution

February 14

Rehka Chhetri

Ashley Hanlon

Investigation of the Stereoselectivity of a Cyclopropanoxide Rearrangement

Synthesis of Star Polymers Through Controlled Radical Polymerization

February 21

Jianyu Zhao

Chris Lyon

 Linearly Extended Pyrylium Salts (LEPS)

 Reversible and Irreversible Covalent Crosslinks in Single Chain Nanoparticles

February 28

Lea Nyiranshuti

Yanmei Rong

Synthesis of bifunctional ligands and polymers for metal ions sensing
Dibenzophenothiazinium Salts

March 7

Holly Guevara

Jessica Dickinson

No title provided

Atom Transfer Radical Coupling to induce intrachain cross-link formation in polymers

March 21

Mahmoud Abdalrahman

Kyle Rodriquez

Synthesis and Characterization of Ligands and Zn & Cu Complexes for Sensors

Exploring Syntheses of Arene-Thiolate Ligands Possessing Internal NH---S Bonding

March 28

Jinyu Yang

Kaushik Bala

Benzo- fused Tropylium Salts

Scope and Selectivity of Cyclopropanoxide Rearrangements

April 4

Yadi Wang

Christian Tooley

Synthesis and Application of Poly-β-diketones

Synthesis of Polymer-bound Azadithiodiiron Clusters to Probe the Effects of Peptide Interactions on the Reduction Potential of Diiron Hydrogenase

April 11

Alexis Kasparian

Eric Guinto

Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Ligands for Iron Sensing

No Title Provided

April 18

Rose Hadley

Odin Achorn

Kirstin Rickarby

Evaluation of the effect of divalent cations on phosphodiesterase activity

Radically-Exchangeable Alkoxyamines as Heat-Responsive Crosslinkers for Polymeric Nanostructures and Nanocomposites

No Title provided

April 25

Hilary Thompson

Justin O'Brien

Brian Kispert

No Title Provided

No Title Provided

Synthesis and Applications of Bis-Bicyclic and Selectively-Acylated Cyclic Polyamines

 May 2

Alexandra MacKinnon

Lindsey Daniels

Hannah Paroline

No Title Provided

Formation of Amino acid-derived Cyclopropanols

No Title Provided

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