Faculty Research Presentations and Poster Sessions Fall 2015


DateTime Presenter
September 112:40S150Professor Meg Greenslade, Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry
 1:00S150Professor Marc Boudreau, Organic and Bio-organic Chemistry
 1:20S150Professor Leila Deravi, Analytical Chemistry and Materials Science
 1:40S150Professor Chris Bauer, Chemical Education
 2:00-2:30SW LobbyPoster Session
 2:40W131Professor Chuck Zercher, Organic Chemistry
 3:00W131Professor Christine Caputo, Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry
 3:20W131Professor Art Greenberg, Organic Chemistry
 3:40W131Professor Gonghu Li, Physical Chemistry and Materials Science
September 312:40S150Professor Glen Miller, Organic and Materials Science
 1:00S150Professor Rudi Seitz, Analytical Chemistry
 1:20S150Professor Roy Planalp, Inorganic Chemistry
 1:40S150Professor Sam Pazicni, Chemical Education and Inorganic Chemistry
 2:00-2:30SW LobbyPoster Session
 2:40W131Professor John Tsavalas, Physical Chemistry and Materials Science
 3:00W131Professor Howard Mayne, Physical Chemistry
 3:20W131Professor Erik Berda, Organic Chemistry and Materials Science
 3:40W131Professor Sterling Tomellini, Analytical Chemistry


Updated:  8/27/15