Edward H. Wong

Professor Emeritus

Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824-3598 U.S.A.
Phone: 603-862-1788
Fax: 603-862-4278

Education and Achievements

  • B.S., 1968, University of California at Berkeley
  • Ph.D., 1975, Harvard University
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, 1975-76, University of California at Los Angeles
  • Visiting Professor and St. Mary's Fellow, 1986-1987, University of Durham, England
  • Visiting Professor, 1994, University of California at Berkeley

Research Interests

Transition and main group metal complexes of cross-bridged tetraamine macrocycles and their applications in radiopharmaceutical and bioinorganic chemistry. Bisamidine d- and f-metal complexes and their coordination and reaction chemistry.

Current Research Interests

We are participating in a three-way collaborative effort (with Prof. Gary R. Weisman here at UNH, and Professor Carolyn J. Anderson at the Washington University St. Louis Medical School) to develop new radiopharmaceuticals for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Specifically, cross-bridged tetraamine macrocycles (Figure 1) have been shown to form complexes with specific metal cations which are remarkably inert kinetically. Attachment of ionizable pendant arms to these cross-bridged ligands have further enhanced this stability. A dicarboxylate-armed cross-bridged cyclam (Figure 2) has shown promise in in vivo animal studies upon labeling with Copper-64, one of several potentially useful copper radioisotopes. The resulting complex has superior clearance characteristics as well as significantly enhanced stability towards radio-metal loss by transchelation as well as reductive processes (Figure 3).

Recent efforts are focused on preparation of bioconjugates to tumor receptor site analogues for targeted delivery of radio-copper which have yielded encouraging results. We have also successfully prepared Gallium and Indium complexes of our cross-bridged ligands because both Ga and In radioisotopes have applications as radiopharmaceutical imaging agents.

UNH participants in this NIH-funded project carry out the design and synthesis of new cross-bridged ligands, their complexation to Cu(II), Ga(III), and In(III) cations, elucidation of spectral and structural properties of these complexes, as well as determination of their kinetic inertness using spectroscopic and analytical methodologies. Group research members attain expertise in organic and inorganic syntheses as well as proficiency in both analytical and kinetic procedures.

In collaboration with Prof. Gary R. Weisman, we are also engaged in the design and synthesis of novel Bisamidine ligands that have a variety of coordination modes with both d- and f-metals. Exploration of both the reaction and catalytic chemistry of these complexes are of interest.


Group Members

Professor: Edward H. Wong

Graduate Students
Peter Christy, Ph.D. Student pcs6@unh.edu
Elizabeth Cardona-Garcia, Ph.D. Student ezb2@unh.edu
Jingwei Li, Ph.D. Student jvw2@unh.edu
Orjana Terova, M.S. Student ohs2@cisunix.unh.edu

Selected Recent Publications

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