NameYr. GrdDegAdvisorThesis/Dissertation Title
Zukas, Brian2014-DecMSGuptaEncapsulation of Anti-Traction Material
Carroll, Robert2014-Dec PhD Gupta Computational Study of Droplet and Capsule Flow in Channels with Inertial Effects 
Castagnaro, Anthony2014 - SeptemberMSWuOverexpression and Characterization of a Laccase from Geobacillus Thermoglucosidasius
Hintz, Chloe2014 - AprilMSGoldfarbFabrication of Bio-Based Activated Carbons for Removal of Aqueous Pharmaceuticals
Chang, Rui2014 - AprilMSBarkey

A Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode Study of Potential Oscillations During Galvanostatoc Copper Electrodeposition in a Leveler-Accelerant System

Liu, Dongpin2013-SepMSBarkeyPotential Oscillation During Galvanostatic Copperelectrodedeposition With A Leveler-Accelerant Additive System
Du, Wenxin2013-SepPhDTengIr–Sn and IrRh–SnO2 Nanoparticles as Anode Catalysts for Ethanol Oxidation Fuel Cell Reaction in Acid Medium
Elmoraghy, Marian2013-MayMSFaragProduction of Bio-Jet Fuel from Microalgae
Sundaram, Vibha2013-MayMENGVasudevanShort-Cut Design, Simulation and Economic Analysis of a Biodiesel Plant
 Celaya, Ana2013-May  MSGoldfarb  Pyrolysis and Combustion Kinetics of Coal, Locally-Sourced Biomass, and their Blends
 Gagnon, Michael2013-May PhD Vasudevan Engineering Lipases and Solvents for Trans/Esterification of Used Vegetable Oils 
Yeager, Matthew2012-DecMSTengThe Facile Synthesis and Characterization of K0.15 MnO 2 Birnessite Nanosheets and their Proven Electrochemical Capabilities in Asymmetric Pseudocapacitor Systems
Banfield, Ryan2012-DecMSMathurStudy of Electrocatalysis for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells (DAFC)
Deng, Ye2012-SepMSVasudevanTransesterification of Waste Vegetable Oil by Thermomyces Lanuginosus Lipase Immobilized on Zeolite ZSM-5
Chai, Jingwen2012-JuneMSSongMulti-Protein Detection of Endothlial Cell Inflammation and Single Cells' Heterogeneity Study
Kreider, Ashleigh2012-MayPhDBarkeyMechanism of SPS Acceleration in a Peg Containing Copper Plating Bath
Buessing, Li2012-MayMSGoldfarbEnergy from Olive Mill Waste: Pyrolysis and Oxidation Kinetics of Olive Mill Waste
Cui, Yuanyuan2011-DecPhDGuptaA Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Two-Phase Flow in the Presence of Surfactants
Jia, Xiaoxiong2011-DecMSTengSynthesis of Cadmium Selenide-Gold Hybrid Nanorods
Iuliucci, Joseph2011-DecMSBarkeyElectrical Properties of Growing Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide Films
Li, Weihua2011-DecMSGuptaBuoyancy Driven Motion of Bubbles in the Presence of Soluble Surfactants
Mulumba, Nkongolo2010-SepMSFaragProduction of Biodiesel from Algae
Chen, Yi Hsin2010-SepPhDBarkeyA Rotating Ring-Disk Study of Interactions among SPS, Cu (I), and Oxygen
O'Connor Michael2009-DecMSGuptaEnzymatic Reactions in Microdevices
Jones, Paetrice2009-SepMSVasudevanCellulose Hydrolysis by Immobilized T. Reesei Cellulase
Fu, Boyi2009-SepMSVasudevanEffect of Solvents and CoSolvents on Lipase Catalyzed Transesterification of Canola Oil
Ibrahim, Sheikh2009-SepMSBarkeyStudy of Additves Used in Copper Via-Filling Chemistry
Suman, Ekta2009-MayMSCarrMathematical and Experimental Analysis of Steady States in a Simple Microvascular Network System
Morgan, Jason2008-MayMSMathurStudy of Gas Diffusion Layers in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Shen, Xiangping2007-DecMSVasudevanTransesterification of Waste Olive Oil by Candida Lipase
Ferrentino, Justin2007-SepMSFaragMicroalgal Oil Extraction and In Situ Transesterification
Gill, Maninder2007-SepMSVasudevanSimulation and Control of Processes
Saripalli, Priya2006-DecMSVasudevanDegradation of Methy Tert Butyl Ether
Bulusu, Vinod2006-SepMSGuptaAn experimental study on the buoyancy driven motion of air bubbles in square channels
Coggon, Robert2006-SepMSVasudevanTransesterification of triolein by solid catalysts
Dalton, Jason2005-DecMSMathurEvaluation and modeling of evacuated cryogenic insulations
Zhang, Jian2005-DecMSFaragZeolite 4A and Zeolite 5A manufacturing process simulation and optimization
Lao, Yingyi2005-DecMSCarrAnalysis of blood flow dynamics in a simple microvascular network
Dupont, Alison2005-DecMSVasudevanRemediation of MTBE in water
Wu, Fan2005-DecPhDCarrNonlinear dynamics of blood flow in simple microvascular networks
Zhang, Zhongqin2004-DecPhDBarkeyNucleation and growth kinetics of tin and tin-silver alloy during initial stages of electrodeposition
Sanchez, Fernando2004-SepMSVasudevanEnzyme catalyzed production of biodiesel from olive oil
Koppula, Karuna2004-SepMSMathurStudy of gas diffusion layers in PEM fuel cells
Mannava, Deenal2004-SepMSMathurMercury remediation by dielectric barrier discharge
Wu, Aiwen2003-DecPhDBarkeyIn-situ study of the influence of additives on the growth behavior of copper electrodeposits on copper single crystal
Fu, Yingjing2003-SepMSVasudevanKinetics and optimization of E. coli growth for GFP production
Chen, Zongyuan2002-DecPhDMathurNitric oxide reduction by non-thermal plasma and catalysis
Kowal, Margaret2002-DecMSMathurBraided rope seals
Dong Hua2002-SepMSBarkeyCorrosion of copper in acid-sulfate plating baths with additives
Karin Como2002-MayMSVasudevanImmobilized Catalase on CoFoam Hydrophilic Polyurethane Composite
William Getchell2001-MayMSBarkeyKinetic Study of Electrochemical Deposition of Copper Ions on Single Crystal Rotating Ring-Disc Electrodes
Zachary Zguris2000-DecMSMathurEvacuated Cryogenic Insulation
Clarner, Mark2000-SepMSLochheadFabrication of optically functional micro sensors by sol-gel soft lithography
Bailey, Dan2000-SepMSVasudevanTyrosinase Catalyzed Dephenolization
Krause, Michele2000-SepMSLochheadA Bioactivity Assessment of Micropatterned Silica Fabricated by Sol-Gel Soft Lithography
Yan, Shuo2000-SepMSVasudevanTheoretical Modeling of a Rotating Annular Size Exclusion Chromatography Unit and Purification of Porcine Lipase by Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
Stubbs, Jeff2000-MayMSSundbergThe Effect of Initiator Type on Composite Particle Morphologies Produced by Seeded Emulsion Polymerization
Whittum, Jonathan2000-MayMSVasudevanEnzyme Catalyzed Polymerizaiton and Precipitation of Aniline from Wastewater
Chadda, Anshul2000-MayMSMathurChemical stability in thermal swing adsorption process for oxygen production
Howell, DeWayne1999-DecMSMathurCeramic Filters for Hot Gas Filtration
Shi, Ying1998-DecMSBarkeyRotating ring-disk studies of copper electrodeposition on copper single crystals in acid-sulfate solution with dissolved oxygen and dilute chloride
Li, Chiao Yun1998-DecMSFaragLight biocarriers for biofilm attachment in a fluidized bed for wastewater treatment
Palekar, Ashish1998-DecMSVasudevanOptimization of continuous purification of lipase by rotating annular size exclusion chromatography
Wu, Qunwei1998-DecPhDBarkeyThe influence of chloride on interface kinetics and morphology of copper electrodeposits on copper single crystals
Nikolov, Volen1998-SepMSFaragThe three-phase inverse fluidized bed: Hydrodynamics and mass transfer studies
Quimby, Joseph1998-MayMSUlrichFume formation rates in gas metal arc welding
Beck, Charles1997-DecMSSundbergDiffusion Controlled Delivery Of Antifouling Agents From Marine Coatings
Golden, Claire1997-DecMSMathurDecomposition of refrigerants R-12, R-22 and R-50 by barrier discharge
Xiao, Jewen1997-SepPhDCarrNumerical analysis for blood distribution in complete flow cross-section microvascular networks
Ren, Jianhua1997-MayMSUlrichDistribution of particles in welding fumes
David, John1996-DecMSMathurThermal swing adsorption process for oxygen production
Rummler, Jeff1996-DecMSWork Related 
Wilkinson, Ken1996-DecMSVasudevanCharacterization of supported tungsten sulfide catalyst ex ammonium tetrathiotungstate
Albert, Robert1996-DecPhDUlrichFume generation in gas metal arc welding
Genest, Paul1996-SepMSVasudevanContinuous purification of porcine lipase by rotating annular size exclusion chromatography
Oberholtzer, Frank1996-SepMSBarkeyInterfacial dynamics and dendrite growth velocity in copper electrodeposition
McLarnon, Christopher1996-MayPhDMathurNitrogen Oxide Decomposition By Barrier Discharge
Zhang, Fan1995-DecPhDVasudevanCharacterization of supported molybdenum sulfide catalyst ex ammonium tetrathiomolybdate
Zhou, Tao.1995-MayMSVasudevanKinetics of soluble and microencapsulated enzymatic reaction of cholesterol and cholesterol ester
Gokarn, Yatin1995-MayMSVasudevanDeactivation Of Urease In Urea Hydrolysis
Liu, Zhenqiu1995-MayPhDBarkeyExperimental and numerical studies on pattern formation in electrochemical deposition
Li, Luting1994-SepMSVasudevanEnzyme catalyzed polymerization and precipitation of phenol from wastewater
Berge, Mark1994-MayMSMathurThermal swing absorption process for oxygen production
Huang, Naijen1994-MayPhDSundbergFundamental studies of grafting reactions in free radical copolymerization
Kotha, Sampurna1993-DecMSCarrBifurcation dye studies at nominal Reynolds numbers of 10, 50, & 200
Qi, Chunming1993-DecPhDFaragHydrodynamics and heat transfer of circulating fluidized bed
Mohamed, A. Rahman1993-MayPhDMathurRapid Hydropyrolysis Of Coals For Production Of Liquid Hydrocarbons
Chidgopkar, Vikrant1993-MayMSMathurSolar photocatalytic detoxification of aqueous monochlorobenzene, dichlorobenzene and chloroform solutions
Talukdar, Jaideep1993-MayPhDMathurHydrodynamic Studies Of The Flow Of Fine Particles Through A Fluidized Dense Bed Of Coarse Solids
Ren, Shouxian1992-DecPhDBarkeyCorrosion Protection Of Metals By Poly(3-Methylthiophene) Coatings
Thakur, Dinesh1992-DecMSVasudevanEffect of pressure on enzyme stability soluble and supported catalase
Sun, Yueyin1992-DecMSBarkeyViscous fingering in a radial Hele-Shaw cell
Agrawal, Deepak1992-SepMSVasudevanDevelopment of expert systems for plastic selection and for capital cost estimation
Haddock, George1991-SepMSVasudevanApplications of the catalatic and peroxidatic action of catalase
Tsai, Kun-Yung1991-SepPhDFaragLocal Heat Transfer To Surfaces Immersed In The Freeboard Region Of A Fluidized Bed
Fu, Wen-Rong1990-DecPhDCarrComputational study of red cell distribution in simple networks
Pangestu, Sugihantoro1990-SepMSMathurHeat transfer in a lean phase circulating fluidized bed
Bowlin, Gary1990-JunMSCarrControlling platelet adhesion by controlling the platelet-surface interaction potential energy