Spring 2015

DateSpeakerGrad Student/Company  Title
February 27, 2015Ye Deng and Xiaoqiang ShanUNH Graduate Students

Development of Novel Bio-and Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Production of Bio- and Green Diesel by Ye Deng

Cobalt-manganese Oxide Nanomaterials for Aqueous Energy Storage by Xiaoqiang Shan

March 27, 2015Dr. Dong SuBrookhaven National Laboratory & Stony Brook UniversityRetrieving the Electrochemical Reactions of the Conversion Electrodes for Secondary Ion Batteries
April 3, 2015

UNH - Materials Science Program & Chemistry

Polymer Reaction Engineering in a Sphere: Synthesis, Characterization, and Modeling of Multi-Phase Polymer Colloids

April 10, 2015

Boston University

Ultrasensitive Digital Detection of Nanoparticles: Viral Diagnostics and Multiplexed Protein and Nucleic Acid Assays

April 17, 2015Christopher Blais, Shujie Hou, and Sachi NagadaUNH Undergraduate Students

Dynamic Behavior of Membrane-bound Capsules by Christopher Blais

Bactericidal Surface that Enhances Integration of Biomaterials with Tissue by Shujie Hou

Design of a Tunable Protein Expression and Display System on Bacterial Spore Surface by Sachi Nagada

April 24, 2015Emily Wong and Amy KasabianUNH Graduate Students 

Process Conditions of Spin-Coated Thin PMMA Films for Soft Gamma Ray Optics by Emily Wong

Quantifying the Current “Clean Check” Method to Determine Whether Ink is Clean or Dirty by Amy Kasabian

May 1, 2015Jing Lu and Erin DrufvaUNH Graduate Students

Studies of Additive Adsorption in Copper Electroplating by Chronoamperometry by Jing Lu

Fluorescent Proteins at Genetic Tools for Geobacillus and Bacillus by Erin Drufva