Spring 2014

DateSpeakerGrad Student/CompanyTitle
February  7, 2014Dr. Subhash Minocha COLSA Plant Biotechnology: the Chemical Engineering Connection
February 14, 2014Dr. Dinesh ThakurChE Alumni - Executive Chairman, Medassure Global Compliance Corporation Globalization: Opportunities & Challenges for engineering graduates
February 21, 2014Dr. Jeff HillerCOMSOL Inc.Multiphysics simulation with COMSOL  
March  7, 2014ChE UMass Lowell 

Lead-free Nanosolders for Micro/Nanoelectronics Assembly and Packaging

March 21, 2014Ye Deng & Robert CarrollChE Graduate Students

Transgenic Expression of Thermomyces Lanuginosus and Candida Antarctica Lipases in Plants for the Enzymatic Production of Biodiesel - by Ye Deng

Surfactant and Inertial Effects on Droplet Flow in Channels by - Robert Carroll 

April  4, 2014Dr. Mingzhao LiuBrookhaven National Lab

Surface Engineering for High Efficiency Water Splitting Photocatalysts

April 18, 2014Tony CastagnaroChE Graduate Student 

Overexpression and Characterization of a Laccase from Geobacillus Thermoglucosidasius 

May 2, 2014TBAUndergraduate Honor Student