Student News

 2014 - Parents Association Award (Scholarship) Announced - Undergraduate Student Joel Ford has been awarded the 2014 Parents Association Award (Scholarship), which recognizes sophomore and/or junior level students "who have shown an understanding and appreciation of the value of a university education, and who have accepted the responsibility to share their education to better the community in which they live." (A minimum 2.8 G.P.A. is required.)

Joel Ford 

2014  - Graduate students Hossein Mohammadiarani and Tyler Mulligan, and undergraduate [INCO-790] student Rhiannon Jacobs presented posters at 2014 UNH Bioengineering Symposium.

Students presented their research on three different themes from Vashisth Lab:

(i) Folding of insulin-mimetic peptides

Hossein Mohammadiarani Presents Poster

(ii) Folding of HIV TAR RNA

Tyler Mulligan Presents Poster

(iii) Conformational dynamics of lipase enzymes

Rhiannon Jacobs won first prize in undergraduate poster competition at 2014 UNH Bioengineering Symposium



2014 University Women's Award Announced -  Madelyn Ball has earned the 2014 University Women's Award
"To that senior woman who shows the greatest promise through character, scholarship, leadership, and usefulness to humanity."


ChE Faculty and Staff News

  • Jeffrey Halpern, Assistant Professor - joins UNH faculty - Summer 2014     Dr. Halpern received his PhD from Case Western Reserve University.  Dr. Halpern's research interests are in the areas of biosensor electrode development (design and testing), electrochemistry, material science, surface chemistry, drug delivery systems and micro/nanofabrication.
  • P. T. Vasudevan named Interim Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs - August 2013
    Dr. P. T. Vasudevan, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS), has been named Interim Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.
  • Kyung Jae Jeong, Assistant Professor - joins UNH faculty - August 2013
    Dr. Jeong received his PhD from Purdue University and completed his post-doctoral research work at MIT.  Dr. Jeong's research interests are in the areas of Biomaterials and surface chemistry for tissue engineering.
  • Harish Vashisth, Assistant Professor - joins UNH faculty - August 2013
    Dr. Vashisth received his PhD from Drexel University and was a postdoctoral fellow at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  His research interests include: Computational Biophysics, Biomolecular Simulations, Molecular Transport, Cell Signaling via Membrane Proteins