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Self-Directed Violence 

Sexual Abuse
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Technology/Internet Victimization

Trends in Child Victimization

The Decline of Sexual Abuse Cases


Why have Child Maltreatment and Child Victimization Declined
David Finkelhor and Lisa Jones
Journal of Social Issues, 62(4): 685-716. Order (CV137J)
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Child Maltreatment Trends in the 1990's: Why Does Neglect Differ from Physical and Sexual Abuse?
Lisa Jones, David Finkelhor, and Stephanie Halter
(2006). Child Maltreatment, 11(2): 107-120. Order (CV110)
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Explanations for the Decline in Child Sexual Abuse Cases
David Finkelhor and Lisa Jones
(2004). Juvenile Justice Bulletin -- NCJ199298 (pgs. 1-12). Order (CV58)
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Why is Sexual Abuse Declining? A Survey of State Child Protection Administration
Lisa Jones, David Finkelhor, and Kathy Kopiec
(2001). Child Abuse & Neglect, 25(9): 1139-1158. Order (CV44)
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The Decline in Sexual Abuse Cases
Lisa Jones and David Finkelhor
(2001). Juvenile Justice Bulletin -- NCJ184741 (pgs. 1-12). Order (CV39)
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