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About CCRC

About the CCRC

The CCRC Agenda

The Crimes against Children Research Center is undertaking a variety of important tasks to promote  knowledge and improve strategies for preventing crimes against children and helping victims and families.

Policy reports on key current issues

There is a pressing need for knowledgeable experts to summarize and disseminate research on key policy issues.

National and local statistics on crimes against children

Tools for practitioners and researchers

The CCRC will create, test, and disseminate developmentally appropriate screening instruments to assess exposure to crime and violence usable in both research and practice settings, such as  school guidance offices, pediatric clinics, and battered women's shelters.

Promoting crime reporting and help-seeking

The CCRC is committed to developing strategies to promote reporting of crimes against  children and the provision of services to child victims and their families.

Evaluating state-of-the-art prevention and intervention programs

Hundreds of programs to prevent child victimization have been created for schools and families.  The CCRC will assist school administrators, law enforcement officials, and parents to select  among effective programs.

Training practitioners and researchers

The CCRC will organize courses and workshops for law enforcement and child welfare  practitioners, as well as fellowships for researchers and graduate students.

Monitoring and interpreting trends

The CCRC will draw attention to new developments and trends by publishing briefing papers, disseminating research, and discussing its implications.