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  • A 90-year-old relationship protecting and nurturing privately owned New Hampshire forests was celebrated and extended recently in a renewal of a commitment between UNH Cooperative Extension and the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Developments’ Division of Forests & Lands. 

    The new memorandum of understanding allows Cooperative Extension to continue supporting the stewardship roles of private owners of forested lands. John Pike, Extension dean and director, Jeffrey J. Rose, commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development, and Division of Forests & Lands state forester Brad Simpkins signed the memorandum at the New Hampshire Farm & Forest Exposition in Manchester Feb. 7. The first agreement...

  • Meeting called to order at 3:11 on January 27, 2014                        

    I.  Roll – The following senators were absent:  Ballestero, Fagerberg, Morgan, Shore, Tenczar, and Ware.  Bastera and Wible were excused.  Lisa MacFarlane was a guest.

    II. Remarks by and questions to the provost – Provost MacFarlane opened her remarks by reminding the senators that the January 31 deadline for nominees for faculty awards is quickly approaching.  She expressed that it is particularly appropriate for this body to take the time to submit those nominations and encouraged all senators to reflect on their colleagues whose work should be recognized.

    The provost then spoke about the STEM summit to be held on February 5, 2014.  UNH will...

  • Have American jobs become less stable? Do workers change employers more frequently than in the past? 

    Many Americans would probably say the answer to these questions is an obvious yes. Yet for the past few decades, researchers looking at the data haven’t been so sure: average job tenure (the number of years working for the same employer) has been surprisingly stable over time. 

    In a study published in the February issue of American Sociological Review, sociologists Matissa Hollister of McGill University and UNH’s Kristin Smith solve this puzzle by breaking out trends in job tenure separately for men and women and by marital and parental status. They show that men and never-married women have seen declines in job tenure, but this overall trend was masked by increases in the job tenure of married mothers. 

    The authors argue that these divergent patterns point to two fundamental shifts in expectations and behaviors in the U.S. labor market. The first...

  • John Mayer

    John Mayer, the renowned UNH professor and psychologist who co-developed the groundbreaking theory of emotional intelligence, now reviews decades of research to introduce another paradigm-shifting idea: that in order to become our best selves, we use an even broader intelligence—personal intelligence—to understand our own personality and the personalities of the people around us. 

    Credit: UNH Photographic Services

    John Mayer, psychologist and internationally recognized researcher who co-developed the groundbreaking theory of emotional intelligence, now introduces another paradigm-shifting idea: in order to become our best selves, we use an even broader intelligence—personal intelligence—to understand our own...

  • The Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics will offer a new two-day executive development program, Be a Catalyst for Innovation, Tuesday, March 25 and Wednesday, March 26, 2014. 

    This program brings together senior-level managers and executives from growth-oriented organizations to address barriers to innovation in the workplace. It is for middle and senior managers who have responsibility for products, processes or new technologies and who lead, supervise, and motivate others. This program also will benefit the sales and marketing directors who support them. 

    Participants benefit from UNH faculty members who have delivered custom innovation programs for several years. The new open-enrollment program curriculum includes timely topics such as: 

    • Incremental and breakthrough innovations

    • Disruptive innovation

    • Technology cycles

    • How collaboration takes place

    • Cases...

  • James Tucker, associate professor of sociology, received a 2013 Faculty Excellence Award for excellence in teaching.

  • Brett Chamberlin and Kaity Thomson

    Brett Chamberlin and Kaity Thomson ’14  took a seven-day trip along the Portland-Montreal oil pipeline.

    The potential reversal of the Portland-Montreal oil pipeline has eluded the spotlight that shines on other tar sands oil projects like Keystone XL pipeline. Kaity Thomson ’14 aims to change that.

    Packing a one-two punch of scientific research and advocacy, the environmental science major wants those living along the pipeline to know the risks that the project could pose to their drinking water, property values, and recreation.

    To do...

  • The UNH School of Law is No. 8 in the country for clinical opportunities for its students, according to a national legal magazine. 

    The National Jurist issued its findings in the January issue of its sister publication, prelaw Magazine. Rankings were compiled by dividing the number of full-time clinical course positions filled by the number of full-time students. 

    UNH Law’s six clinics offer a wide range of opportunities to work with real clients under the close supervision of clinical professors. All clinics include a classroom component, but their primary focus is on real-world experience, much of it in actual courtrooms. 

    “I am not surprised by this ranking at all,” said the Honorable Charles Temple (UNH ’82, UNH Law ’85), a former UNH Law professor who directed the school’s Criminal Practice Clinic for almost 11 years. 

    Judge Temple, who left UNH Law this month when he was appointed to the New Hampshire Superior Court bench,...

  • UNH’s newly created Broadband Center of Excellence (BCoE) has completed its trial of wireless broadband technology known as TV White Space (TVWS). The trial demonstrated the ability to convey Internet data at downstream rates exceeding 1 megabit per second by making use of unlicensed frequencies in spectrum bands allocated to over-the-air television signals. 

    The four-month trial, conducted as part of the Gigabit Libraries Network’s White Space Project, connected four Durham buildings through a TVWS network that supplied high-speed Internet connectivity over vacant spectrum within VHF/UHF bands reserved for over-the-air television transmission. 

    TVWS uses unlicensed, high-performance frequencies to enable the transmission of Internet traffic wirelessly over long distances. Although it remains in early stages of experimentation, TVWS technology is gaining...

  • NH SBDC advisory board

    NH SBDC launches its exporting e-course with representatives from its advisory board, partners UNH Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, the N.H. Department of Resources & Economic Development, and the Office of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. The course was created with funds from the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010.

    The New Hampshire Small Business Development Center (NH SBDC), an outreach program of UNH, has launched “Finding Your...

  • The 2013-2014 Saul O Sidore Memorial Lecture SeriesHealth and Freedom in the Balance:  Exploring the Tensions among Public Health, Individual Liberty, and Governmental Authority” continues this spring with lectures about the public implications of vaccinations, immunizations, medical ethics, and refugee health.

    “Quarantines, vaccinations, and municipal hygiene are respected tools in the public health arsenal. Invasions of bodily integrity, privacy, and freedom of movement are resultant consequences to these protective efforts,” according to Sidore series organizers Marion Girard Dorsey, associate professor of history, and Rosemary Caron, associate professor of health management and policy.

    “The clash of the needs of public health and the boundaries of personal freedom has occurred throughout history and will continue to occur based on the public health threats anticipated in the 21st century. The intersections between the past and...

  • The UNH Lodging Executives Sentiment Index (LESI) for the current period ending December 2013 remained relatively flat at 80.8 from 80.0 in November 2013. Overall the index was down during this period for present business conditions while future business conditions increased.

    “There appears to be concern among executives surrounding consumer confidence and corporate travel business,” said Nelson Barber, associate professor of hospitality management at the UNH Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, who manages the index. 

    Seventy-seven percent of lodging executives indicated current business conditions were good, an increase from 73 percent in November 2013, while 15 percent indicated conditions were normal, down from 27 percent during the same period. During the current period, 8 percent of executives indicated present conditions...

  • Thirty-nine percent of unemployed Americans are experiencing long-term unemployment in the wake of the 2008 recession, which is more than double the percent unemployed more than six months but actively seeking work in 2007, according to new research about trends in long-term unemployment since the recession from the Carsey Institute at UNH. 

    “As the debate about the extension of the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation program continues, it is important to gain an understanding of the long-term unemployed in terms of their demographic and economic characteristics and how those characteristics differ across place. Doing so can help better target strategies for alleviating the negative effects of long-term unemployment,” said Andrew Schaefer, doctoral candidate in sociology at UNH and a research assistant at the Carsey Institute. 

    The research is presented in the Carsey Institute brief “The Long-Term Unemployed in the Wake of the Great...

  • Tom Ballestero, director of UNH’s Stormwater Center

    Tom Ballestero, director of UNH’s Stormwater Center, in Philadelphia for the announcement of a major EPA grant to address water management issues in that city. Credit: Lahne Mattas-Curry, EPA Communications.

    UNH is one of only five universities or colleges selected to share grant funding to study green infrastructure practices in urban areas, using Philadelphia as a pilot project. Further, due to the...

  • ice climber

    The UNH Discovery Program is sponsoring a free screening of acclaimed film “Chasing Ice,” followed by a panel discussion with faculty on water, winter, and climate change, on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2013. Credit: James Balog.

    UNH resumes its exploration of “Water, Water Everywhere?: A University Dialogue on the World’s Most Critical Resource” for the spring semester with a film and panel discussion on climate change, water and...