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  • UNH Manchester was among 18 New England college campuses recently selected for an EPA sub-grant. 

    Northern New England Campus Compact, a coalition of nearly 60 college and university presidents across New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, has awarded the grants to develop academic programs that will address some of the region’s most pressing environmental issues. 

    Through this two-year initiative, campuses will partner with community organizations to embed sustainable environmental projects into a range of academic courses. Students will learn about environmental stewardship while providing immediate services such as water quality monitoring as well as studying ways to mitigate climate change....

  • The UNH Lodging Executives Sentiment Index (LESI) increased slightly in July, remaining essentially flat at 65.8 from 65.3 in June 2013.

    “These results represent lodging executives’ positive sentiment of the present general business conditions for their properties, which increased 2.1 on the sentiment scale. However they were less optimistic about general business conditions 12 months in the future. Future business conditions influenced the LESI by the 1.1 decline in expectations about room reservations over the same 12-month period. Some lodging executives were concerned that occupancy has flattened with a decline in business traveler activity,” said Nelson Barber, associate professor of hospitality management, who manages the index. 

    Twenty six percent of lodging executives indicated current business conditions were good, an decrease from 28 percent last period, while 74 percent indicated conditions were normal, up from 66 percent during the same period. No...

  • With the onset of the new school year, the employee clinic at Health Services has returned to its Monday-through-Friday, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. schedule. Care is also available during Health Services’ regular hours 

    The clinic, which opened in February 2012, is staffed by board certified physicians and nurse practitioners. Services include routine medical care for illnesses and injuries, lab tests, x-rays and $5 generic prescriptions as well as a number of non-prescription medications at reduced cost....

  • Tom KelleyHow did UNH first become committed to being a sustainable learning community?

    Sustainability at UNH began with the grassroots leadership of faculty, students, and staff, which lead to the establishment of the Sustainability Academy (formerly the Office of Sustainability Program and the University Office of Sustainability) as an endowed, university-wide program in 1997. UNH has always recognized its unique responsibility to the state and region. Its commitment to sustainability extends this vision to future generations and to national and international issues as the university undertakes the purposeful reform of its cultural and ecological relationships with the broader world in a manner consistent with sustaining the foundations of human development.


  • Athletics is asking faculty and staff to join students in voting for UNH as the school with the most college spirit and loyal fan base to help win the national Spirit Cup award, which includes $10,000 toward the general scholarship fund. 

    Wildcat fans can register at https://www.facebook.com/collegecolorsday/app_272638222877985. After placing a vote, fans will have the opportunity to win prizes and discounts through an instant win game, view and submit photos to the College Colors Day fan photo gallery, and download a custom Facebook cover photo promoting UNH for College Colors Day. 

    “We want to encourage all students, alumni, staff, and fans to...

  • Patrice MacNevin, a financial support specialist in the Academic Affairs Business Service Center, passed away suddenly Aug. 12 in Concord, as a result of an auto accident. She had worked at UNH for 13 years.

    An advocate of education, MacNevin received an MBA from Plymouth State College in 2012 and had started the process of getting her PhD. She began playing the flute around the age of 50 and agreed to be interviewed about her new interest for Campus Journal in 2007. You can read the story here.

    She is survived by her husband, Scott MacNevin, a son Dylan MacNevin and a brother Philip Quinn. Memorial donations may be made in her name to Cocheco Valley Humane Society, 262 County Farm Road, Dover, NH 03820.

    A full obituary that ran in Foster’s Daily Democrat and is available...

  • People in end-stage kidney failure in need of a kidney transplant are much less likely to be placed on a waiting list for a new kidney or to actually receive a new kidney once on the list if they are unemployed or work part time, according to new collaborative research from UNH. 

    “There is a strong negative association between a patient’s unemployment and the likelihood of being placed on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, and once on the waiting list, the likelihood of receiving a transplant,” says Robert Woodward, the Forrest D. McKerley Endowed Chair in Health Economics at UNH.

    The researchers found that patients who are retired and/or disabled, working part time, or working full time are much more likely to be placed on a transplant waiting list than unemployed patients. They also are more likely to receive a transplant once placed on the list than unemployed...

  • UNH recently signed a license with Avalon Promotions to produce the UNH Wildcat Plate, a copyrighted image developed by Healthy UNH and UNH Dining Services. 

    In 2010 the USDA created its Dietary Guidelines for Americans to remind people to think about food choices in leading a healthier lifestyle. With permission from the USDA, Healthy UNH and Dining Services adapted these guidelines and developed an image to guide patrons in making healthy food choices in the dining halls. The newly developed image was reformatted and placed on high-quality melamine plates that can withstand multiple industrial dishwasher use and are used in UNH dining halls today.

    “Avalon Promotions is excited to be a partner in the first UNH license of its kind for commercializing the UNH Wildcat Plate,” said Glenn Chase, owner of Avalon Promotions. “This venture is also a first for Avalon Promotions. Although we have been a vendor at UNH for many years, this will be the first time we’ll...

  • green bubbleJoan Walton, Green Bubble, 7" x 9.5" x 8"

    Three new exhibitions featuring sculptures by regional ceramicists, still life paintings from 19th and 20th century American artists, and a new installation of public sculpture will be on view at the Museum of Art beginning Aug. 28. A reception for “Touch the Earth,” “Caught up with Reality,” and “Wendy Klemperer: Release and Restrainttakes place Thursday, Sept. 5, from 6-8 p.m.

    The Museum of Art and its programs are open to the pubic free of charge.

    “Touch the Earth”

    Works of art that comment on the regional diversity of the landscape, from beaches, forests, and deserts to the residue of urban development, art the focus of “...

  • Naomi Crystal ’11G conducting research.

    Naomi Crystal ’11G conducts research on the effectiveness of post-exercise ice baths in Robert Kertzer Exercise Physiology Laboratory. Credit: Amy Davies.

    Dunking in a tub of ice water after exercise – a surprisingly popular post-workout regimen used by athletes to reduce inflammation and speed recovery – is time consuming and bone-achingly painful. New research from UNH finds that it may not be effective, either. 

    In a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers report that research subjects who engaged in post-exercise cryotheraphy, or...

  • Mt. Hunter plateau in Denali National Park, AlaskaUNH, Dartmouth College, UMaine ice core drill site on the Mt. Hunter plateau in Denali National Park, Alaska. The drill site is in the middle of the photograph, just left of the sun-shade line on the snow and a mile from UNH scientist Cameron Wake in the foreground. Peaks from left to right are Mt. Foraker, Mt. Hunter, and Denali. Photo by Seth Campbell-UMaine.

    In an effort to chronicle 1,000 years of regional climatic history, UNH scientists Cameron Wake and Elizabeth Burakowski spent late spring 2013 in Alaska’s Denali National Park as part of a collaborative UNH, Dartmouth...

  • The College of Liberal Arts has launched a new website: cola.unh.edu. This collaboration between the college and UNH’s Web Solutions is the result of more than a year’s work. The new site was created in Drupal, an open-source content management system used by more than 350 educational institutions in the US.  

    Enhancements include easy-to-find requirements for all majors, minors, and graduate programs; comprehensive, site-wide lists of faculty, faculty books, student awards and scholarships, and news; enhanced slideshows; integrated audio; improved calendar functionality; improved webforms; and new site-wide social sharing options. 


  • students with yardsael items

    Since its founding three years ago, UNH’s Trash 2 Treasure has diverted 100 tons of waste from UNH’s waste stream. Credit: Daniel Mannarino.

    Founded by students just three years ago, the annual UNH Trash 2 Treasure (T2T) yard sale has become a highly anticipated ritual of moving into campus. This year’s sale, in the Whittemore Center Aug. 23 to 25, 2013, features more than 20,000 items – all of them discarded by students moving out in the spring – for sale. The sale of college-living essentials lets incoming first-year and returning students furnish their rooms and apartments on the cheap and help the environment. 


  • cyclist riding in the White MountainsBicycling 100 miles through the White Mountains is an impressive feat for any cyclist. Doing so without the use of your legs approaches insanity. In September, 300 bicyclists of all abilities, including some paraplegics on handcycles, will tackle three scenic but grueling notches – Franconia, Crawford and the Kancamagus Highway – in the annual Three Notch Century to benefit UNH’s Northeast Passage program. This year’s event, which lets participants choose to complete the course in one, two or three days, is Sept. 6 - 8, 2013. 

    “The Three Notch Century will always be my favorite ride,” says cyclist Tonya Knightly, who has...

  • Alasdair Drysdale

    Alasdair Drysdale, professor of geography and Senior Faculty Fellow in the College of Liberal Arts, has been appointed associate dean, effective Aug. 26.  

    Drysdale’s new responsibilities include the promotion and tenure process, computing, professional development funds, annual faculty and departmental reports, physical plant and repair and renovation, and sponsored research. He brings many years of service to UNH, including 11 years as chair of geography.