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Lt. Gen. Mary A. Legere '82 is UNH Commencement Speaker


Lt. Gen. Mary A. Legere, the Army's deputy chief of staff for intelligence will deliver the commencement speech at UNH Saturday, May 18, 2013. 

The Sustainability Institute At a Glance


When people hear ‘Sustainability Institute’ they may think of such initiatives as single-stream recycling that aims to make waste disposal so simple everyone will do it, or the energy watch challenge that has students vying to out-save their peers in energy consumption for their dorm or residence.  

But behind these moves there stands a philosophy and a plan of action that is bigger, broader, than the goals of recycling and energy use at UNH.  

UNH Researchers Contribute to First Sequence of Lamprey Genome


Sea lamprey. Credit: Mike Ross, UNH Photographic Services 

President Testifies on Capitol Hill in Support of Charitable Tax Deductions


President Mark W. Huddleston testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means earlier today at a hearing on tax reform and charitable contributions where he stressed to lawmakers the importance of charitable giving to higher education.

Heart Health: Automated External Defibrillators on Campus


 February is American Heart Month, making this an apt time to remind people about automated external defibrillators (AEDs), how to use them, and where they are located on campus. During a recent incident at the Hamel Rec Center, staff members used an AED and CPR to revive a student who collapsed while running on the treadmill.

PrintSmart Project Saved $475,000 in 2012


Great ideas are worth waiting for. In 2011, it took a few months to assess UNH’s printing and copying habits before a new cost-saving program was implemented. Now, the numbers are in for the first full year of using PrintSmart and they’re huge; more than $475,000 in savings-huge. 

PrintSmart was developed as an effort to consolidate all copy, scan and fax needs into one multi-functional device (MFD) managed by one company. Conway Office Products was the partner UNH chose, and they proposed Xerox devices as the MFD.   

UNH Represented in Portsmouth Orchestra's Upcoming Performance at Carnegie Hall


Janet Polasky has been in orchestras since high school. She played in college, at Carlton College, at Stanford, and during graduate school in Brussels. Now, as a member of the Portsmouth Orchestra, she’s getting ready to play Carnegie Hall.

A professor of history and women’s studies, Polasky, who plays the bassoon, is one of a handful of UNH employees who will take the hallowed stage on Nov. 29 for a one-night performance of “The Christmas Rose” featuring actress Jane Seymour, composer Tim Janis '91, and a cast of 400 performers in an evening of music, dance, and drama.

Keeping Drivers' Eyes On The Road


To illustrate the central principle of automotive user interfaces, his area of research, Andrew Kun reaches into his pocket.

“This,” says the UNH professor, tapping his iPhone. “It’s great, and we’ve all gotten used to carrying our whole office with us. But we shouldn’t be using them when we’re driving.”

Q&A with Kathleen Neils, New Chief Human Resources Officer


What made you want to get into the HR field

I had graduated with an accounting degree and had an opportunity to work within the corporate benefits delivery business for General Electric Company. I learned a great deal and really enjoyed the work.  The corporate benefits delivery organization supported all active and inactive employees for the General Electric company. 

President Mark Huddleston Delivers 2012 State of the University Address


Four enduring campaigns will guide UNH into the future, President Mark W. Huddleston said during his State of the University address delivered Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012.

Huddleston outlined the four campaigns during his talk: UNH 2020, the long-range strategic plan; a comprehensive fundraising campaign; UNH Works for New Hampshire, a bid to have state funding restored; and a campaign to restructure governance within the university system.

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