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The Art of Words: Painting the Poems of Charles Simic

painting by John Angelopoulos

One of the paintings by John Angelopoulos inspired by the poems of Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Simic.

Most people have heard the adage about how much a picture is worth. (For those scant few who aren’t familiar, it’s a thousand words.)

New Allergen-Friendly Food Station Debuts at Philbrook Dining Hall

allergy-free food station

The new allergen food station in Philbrook Dining Hall.Photo credit: Rochelle L’Italien

UNH Launches School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering

students doing marine research

UNH announces the launch of its new School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, an integration of the university’s various marine-related research, teaching and outreach activities.

Scott Chesney’s CD an Exception to His Day Job


CD coverThere’s a moment listening to Scott Chesney’s single “You Knew Me When” that makes you think of James Taylor. Classic Taylor, from his “Sweet Baby James” days; 1971.  

When’s the Next Bus Coming? Here’s How to Find Out

NextBus app screenshot

Wildcat Transit riders know all about the benefits of bus travel. There are no parking tickets. It saves gas money. It’s convenient and good for the environment.  And now, thanks to a new app from UNH Mobile, it’s more efficient than ever.

UNH is "Schooling the Rest" in Social Media

screen shot of social media postings

An example of how powerful th

Director of Printing and Mail Services Helps Get Kids in the Game


It’s hard to write a story about baseball and avoid the clichés; American’s favorite pastime was practically invented for them. 

But words like perseverance, determination and will are anything but trite when it comes to describing the team that Paul Roberts coaches. Some of his players round the bases using wheelchairs. Some use walkers. And some run, flat out, like the wind, the disabilities they live with not as visible as their teammates’. 

What unites them isn’t a cliché either, although it might sound like one: heart, these kids have it in spades. 

The Science of Art: Turning Used Metal into Sculptures


Here’s proof that the career path we plan on is often not where life takes us.

Committee Chaired by UNH Prof Releases Final Gulf of Mexico Restoration Report

Professor Larry Mayer

Professor Larry Mayer chaired the National Research Council committee that just released a report on restoration of damage done to the Gulf of Mexico by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Credit: Lisa Nugent, UNH Photographic Services.

Dining Services Wins a Silver Medal in Annual Chef Competition

Asian braised pork

An Asian braised pork shoulder with a pear and red pepper slaw served in a bibb lettuce cup accompanied with soba noodles dressed with a garlic chili and fermented black bean dressing prepared by executive chef Christopher Kaschak.

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