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Scientists Shed Light on Riddle of Sun’s Explosive Events

Sund model

Four decades of active research and debate by the solar physics community have failed to bring consensus on what drives the sun’s powerful coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that can have profound “space weather” effects on Earth-based power grids and satellites in near-Earth geospace. 

Enter “What Does UNH Mean to You?” Contest by Oct. 5


If you’ve got a love for UNH and want to share it, social media coordinator Jason Boucher has the contest for you, one where you can win some UNH bling and a $25 iTunes gift card just for telling folks about that love.

UNH Labs Receive $1.35M in NSF Grants for Research Instruments


By Sonia Scherr, MFA '13

How can the aquaculture industry prevent reproductive failure in finfish?

Did the chemicals used to clean up oil from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill harm microbial communities responsible for breaking down wastes?

What processes determine the heating and acceleration of solar wind?

NH Farm to School Report: More Farms Bringing Greater Variety to NH Schools


Photo credit: New Hampshire Farm to School.


Eating local is not just for foodies and high-end restaurants: in New Hampshire, school kids are increasingly getting into the act. A new survey from New Hampshire Farm to School found that the number of New Hampshire farmers providing food to local schools has tripled in the past three years and the variety of food they’re offering has increased.

For Safety’s Sake, Watch UNH IT Security Awareness Videos


The Internet is such a part of our everyday lives that you might not think of the risks associated with its use. The fact is, unless you know for certain the sites you visit are secure, there is always the chance you’re exposing your computer to malicious viruses.

UNH’S IT Security is constantly trying to prevent that from happening, sending out information on phishing attempts by hackers, reminding people never to give critical personal data online or in an email, and now, through educational videos aimed at instilling awareness on safe computer practices.

“Live Free or Die? A University Dialogue on Freedom and Responsibility”


The 2012-13 University Dialogue, whose topic this year is “Live Free or Die? A University Dialogue on Freedom and Responsibility,” kicks off with a discussion of “The Hunger Games,” the mega box-office hit based on the novel by Suzanne Collins that has children selected by lottery competing in a televised battle to the death. 

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