Students Vie for Business Competition Prize May 7

Students Vie for Business Competition Prize May 7

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Students will compete in the final round of the Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation-to-Market competition – the oldest business plan competition in the state and one of the first in the nation – Wednesday, May 7, 2014, from 1 to 4:30 p.m. in the Paul College auditorium. A reception and awards ceremony will follow. The championship round is free and open to the public. Reserve your seat at  

The competition is designed to stimulate entrepreneurship. Open to all university system graduate and undergraduate students who have a proposal for bringing an innovative product or service to market, the competition helps students gain first-hand experience in commercializing new products and services, and provides access to faculty advisors and industry experts.

Six teams will compete in this year’s Holloway championship round. They are:

Chakula Tanzania (Swahili for Tanzanian Food)
Chakula Tanzania is a market-based alternative to traditional aid relief in Africa. Our mission is to provide affordable, non-perishable food to low-income people living in East Africa, to link fishermen and farmers to more lucrative markets, and to maintain healthy, sustainable profits for the company. 

Dia-BEAT-it is a game-based app designed to help adolescents who have Type 1 diabetes manage their disease and avoid psychological complications commonly associated with this condition. Targeted at girls and boys ages 12-18 with diabetes, the app combines gaming and social media to create an innovative management tool. 

The mission of EquiOxer is saving equestrians time, money, and labor on their jumps. An “oxer” is a type of horse jump made up of two poles and four uprights, called “standards.” EquiOxer is a telescopic jump extension that eliminates the need for the second set of standards. 

Granite State Ventures: TiltOne
Granite State Ventures (GSV) is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to the world and its citizens. Through maximizing power generation and collection efficiency using the TiltOne system, GSV aims to provide all commercial facilities with alternative solutions that eliminate the need for outdated power sources.

SheetWriter, Inc.
SheetWriter LLC will produce, sell, and support smartphone and tablet applications to translate live sound into sheet music. SheetWriter LLC endeavors to increase access to Sheet Music generating technologies, and to raise awareness of the implications of music math within the world of copyrighting of musical works.

SkiSmart is a personalized mountain guide that offers skiers and riders the information they need to navigate the mountain like a local legend. The mountain’s conditions are constantly updated and projected to the user to keep them aware of snow conditions as well as skier traffic and congestion levels.

Established in 1988 by Paul J. Holloway's family, the business plan competition honors the business leader's entrepreneurial spirit by stimulating and recognizing outstanding business strategies. Holloway began his career in the automotive industry and, starting in 1967, shaped a multi-franchise dealership emphasizing customer service and satisfaction. Holloway then extended his business skills to the development and management of eldercare facilities.