Peeping It Healthy - 5th Annual Contest Winners Announced

Peeping It Healthy - 5th Annual Contest Winners Announced

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Health Services works hard to get the word out about healthy living, and they do it in a positive, non-judgmental way. Proof exists in the annual Peep contest that has faculty, staff and students creating dioramas using the marshmallow treats to show what being healthy means to them. 

Sure, there are prizes for the top entries but at its core, and fun aside, the message is there. Past entrants have had Peeps doing, among other activities, yoga, jogging, and playing basketball. This year, the 5th annual, contestants created scenes of Peeps skiing, canoeing, swimming, golfing, playing basketball, volleyball, and on an archery range.   

Contest rules called for use of Peeps as the main characters, and the inclusion of at least one UNH landmark. The 15 entries collectively received more than 1,000 votes.

Winners in the individual category include:

1st place: “Peeps at the Pool” at Swasey Pool, Abby Koczera, ‘16.

2nd place: “M.V.Peep” featuring the UNH Wildcats football team Jillian Sullivan, ‘16.

3rd place: “4 Seasons of Health” featuring College Woods, the outdoor pool and Kingman Farm, Sarah Reega, ‘16.

Koczera and Sullivan won Amazon gift cards, (worth $125 and $75 respectively) while Reega received Health Services’ massage gift certificate valued at $55.

The group winners are:

1st place: “Peep into Stress Relief” featuring T-Hall Lawn, Mendum’s Pond and the Half-Naked Whole Mile, occupational therapy 610 students Alexandra Roscoe, Casey Blakely, Emily Bourque, Samantha Vaughn, and Maggie McMurdy.

2nd place: “Northeast Passage Peeps: Living Beyond Disability” features Peeps of all abilities staying active at UNH using adaptive equipment, Northeast Passage staffers Keely Ames, Jill Gravink, David Lee, Cam Forys, Crystal Skahan, Philip Brekke, Cathy Thompson, Chandler Bullard, Matt Frye, Reilly Murphy, Bill Stewart, and Taylor Chace.

The 1st place group winners won a pizza party for their class and the staff at Northeast Passage won a private yoga class.

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