Broadband Demonstration Center Open to UNH Community

Broadband Demonstration Center Open to UNH Community

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Faculty, staff and students who want to know just what else broadband can do besides let them search the Internet need only visit the Broadband Center of Excellence. Located in the Dimond Library, the BCoE offers demonstrations of the sundry ways broadband is used.

Rouzbeh Yassini, executive director of the BCoE, gives the examples of a man in a remote area of northern New Hampshire placing his hand under a microscope and the image being transferred to doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital for diagnosis; a surgeon in Israel being able to operate robotically on a patient in a U.S. hospital; and a woman adjusting the lights or lowering the heat in her home while sitting at a computer miles away.

According to Yassini, broadband services are critical components of economic and social infrastructure and, as such, affordable access has come to be viewed as “nothing short of a 21st century human right.” 

Also critical are the issues that prevent full realization of the benefits of broadband, and that is what Yassini would like the UNH community to know, and possibly, help address.

“We want to let people know the center is here and engage faculty and students in research that will help solve the barriers,” Yassini says. In addition to making broadband more accessible and affordable, the issues of adoption, performance, utilization, ease of use, and services need to be solved.

“There are about 2.2 billion people in the world using broadband and about 4.4 billion who are not,” Yassini said. “It should be like oxygen—available to everyone.”

Yassini has developed two white papers that look at the future of broadband. Broadband 2020: Achieving Ubiquity reviews potential obstacles to ubiquitous deployment of the services and technology, and offers insights to remove these impediments. Broadband 2030: The Networked Future offers insights on the future of broadband, based on trends in bandwidth usage and software development. Both reports are available at Broadband Center of Excellence.

Located at room 353 in Dimond library18 Library Way, the center’s demonstration room is open to the UNH community by appointment.

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