Biological Sciences Library Moving to Dimond Library

Biological Sciences Library Moving to Dimond Library

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

In a move that will bring information together in one convenient place, the Biological Sciences Library will relocate from Kendall Hall to Dimond Library this summer. After that, Dimond will be the place where the majority of the life sciences information can be found. 

The project involves culling resources from both libraries to make room for the combined materials. “We’ll be looking to weed out 55,000 volumes from our collection,” says Val Harper, information technology librarian and project manager. “Some of the publications are less valuable than they once were and some have gone to electronic form.”

That work will be done first, to avoid moving things twice, followed by a shifting of books currently located on Levels 4 and 5.  As it is now, the collections start with A on Level 4 and end with L while Level 5 is M through V.

“Those will be flipped around, with the call numbers starting with A on the top floor and picking up again on Level 4,” Harper says. Additionally, bound periodicals will be integrated with other materials on Levels 4 and 5; journals and magazines that used to be on a separate floor will now be together with the other resources.

“It used to be that if you were doing research on Shakespeare, for example, you’d have to go to different floors to get the information. Now, all the printed material on Shakespeare will be in one place,” Harper says.

Level 2 will house the natural sciences resource center, and include the biological science library and the science materials already located in Dimond Library. The center will have a librarian dedicated to the area, with other services added once that position has been filled.

“We don’t have a full-time, tenured track librarian there so we’ll be hiring someone. That person will help determine what the other needs are,” Harper says.

The center will be located in the site of the current periodical room, where a service desk, computers, seating and desks will be added, as will a faculty office. 

The library in Kendall Hall will close May 30. Materials will be moved to Dimond Library during June and July by a professional company experienced in relocating libraries. During that five-to-six week period, a page system will be used at Dimond to retrieve books for patrons.

“General users won’t be able to go into stacks to get books. All they’ll have to do is ask and we’ll get them the materials as quickly as we can,” Harper says. “With all the carts moving around, books in motion and such, we don’t want to have congestion in stacks.”

The move will be done by Aug. 1 and by Aug. 15, the entire project is expected to be complete.

“It’s a question of how do you move three floors of materials and integrate them at same time,” Harper says. “It’s like one of those kids’ puzzles that have one space left over at the end and you have to move things around to get them in the right spot. That’s the kind of puzzle we’re dealing with. The movers will have to create space, and it will keep moving as it gets filled.”