Research Poster Tutorial Available for Download

Research Poster Tutorial Available for Download

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Office for Research Partnerships and Commercialization has announced the research poster tutorial, Creating a Large Format Poster to Present Your Research, is available for download and use on Blackboard. 

The tutorial is designed as a self-paced, cross-referenced guide to creating a research poster. The format is PDF, kept simple, and not dependent on sound or animation. It is to be viewed on-screen since many of the slides are a series, building one upon the other. Faculty are urged to share the tool with students.  

It consists of 10 chapters. View chapters as they apply to a specific poster and return to individual chapters as the need arises. The first 3 are recommended to begin: an overview (emphasizing the power of the visual), getting started (emphasizing the groundwork needed before beginning the poster, to make the process more efficient), and setting up the slide (sizing a PowerPoint slide as a poster).  

The next five chapters are subject-specific: text, images, graphs, tables, and backgrounds. The last two chapters are little screen-big poster (ways to maneuver on a small screen to create a large-format poster) and the small stuff (information about references, acknowledgements, and contact information). 

The tutorial is valuable for its organizational and esthetic guidelines regardless of program used to create the poster. Even if someone else creates the poster, the user will find the tutorial helpful in preparing the content to bring to a designer.  


  • ·         You can download the tutorial on Blackboard by adding “ORPC” as an organization and department to your Blackboard account.
  • ·         Once you add ORPC, on the left column, the first tab listed is poster tutorial, click on this link, then once open a description and directions on how to use the tutorial will appear.
  • ·         To access each chapter, click on the title poster tutorial link and you will gain access to each chapter file. Here, you are able to download each tutorial chapter file you would like.  

If you have any questions or problems gaining access to the poster tutorial on Blackboard contact