Tweet! Tweet! Read All About It

Tweet! Tweet! Read All About It

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Did you know that UNH Media Relations has several Twitter feeds where you can find out about UNH news?

UNH Media Relations works with local, regional and national media to tell the university's stories and connect journalists with faculty experts. It disseminates news releases to members of the media and responds to media inquiries.

Our main Twitter feed is @UNHNews. We post a lot of great information here, including all of our news releases. For those interested in news about the social sciences at UNH, follow @UNHSocialSci. And if you’re interested in the hard sciences at UNH, follow @UNHScience. Campus Journal also has its own Twitter feed, @UNHCJ. Never miss another CJ story.

We’re always interested in learning about what is going on at UNH. To learn more about what kinds of stories we write and where our news is disseminated, visit

To contact us, visit