Sustainability at Work

Sustainability at Work

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sustainability is a matter of choice. It takes effort; conscious thought. At UNH, the Sustainability Institute provides guidance on how anyone can be a part of our sustainable community. Listen to what they’ve been doing.

"We try to make it easy to have a workday that's sustainable. Recycling is now single stream to make the process of recycling simple. There are many resources on how to order sustainable office supplies as well as keep an office as energy efficient as possible,” says Jackie Furlone, program support assistant at Sustainability Institute. “One of our biggest goals is to increase the number of staff and faculty that use the free WildCat Transit, or carpool. It would really cut down on our overall emissions if fewer of us drove to campus every day."

Want to know what you can do while you’re on the job? Here are a few ideas.

Power down:  Don’t wait for Thanksgiving or winter break. Turn off all computers, lights, office equipment and electronics at the end of your work day. According to the UNH Energy Task Force, electronics can draw up to 30 percent of their total energy use when they are turned off but still plugged in.

Think twice: make sure your printer is set to print on both sides. And use recycled paper. And eco-friendly office supplies. Whenever possible, go paperless.

Bring in your own refillable water bottle and fill it at a hydration station. If you’re a coffee drinker, use your own cup.

Hop on the bus: Wildcat Transit is free for all employees with an ID card. Car pool. Make the annual Wildcat Challenge (biking, walking, taking the bus or train to work) routine practice.

Get out:  don’t just sit at your desk during your lunch break. Ride your bike, or take a walk in College Woods.

Find out what’s being said: Attend one of the many sustainability events, lectures, performances, and exhibits that take place on campus.

If you eat in UNH Dining halls, follow their Guiding Stars to eat healthy. Or bring your own lunch—in a paper bag. Shop at the organic garden farm stand.

Speak up: talk to coworkers about their sustainable practices and see what your office, department or building can do that they aren’t.

Become familiar with the Sustainability Institute website: you can find out just about anything you want to know on the subject there. And watch for the new sustainably news section in Campus Journal, starting Sept. 4.