UNH Offers Online Learning Community for Qualtrics Survey Tool

UNH Offers Online Learning Community for Qualtrics Survey Tool

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

UNH has licensed Qualtrics (qualtrics.unh.edu) online survey software for use by all faculty, staff, and students. Qualtrics is a robust tool with many powerful features. UNH Cooperative Extension, working with partners around the country who are also using Qualtrics, will be coordinating an informal learning community to help individuals master Qualtrics, and the fundamentals of online surveys.

Extension evaluation specialists from Virginia will lead a webinar on Thursday, June 20 at 2 p.m. via Google+ Hangout to give an overview of online survey best practices. For more info, go to learn.extension.org/events/1069.

The following week, UNH will kick off an informal learning session where more than 60 professionals from around the country will join in learning about Qualtrics. Each week there will be a focus on particular Qualtrics features, and the opportunity to share surveys with each other for feedback. The community will provide a forum where people can ask questions, share best practices and successes, and learn from each other about the use of Qualtrics. Details and registration instructions are at http://bit.ly/qualtricslearning

Some of the goals for this community are to:

  • Increase survey evaluation capacity
  • Increase quality of survey data
  • Provide forum to discuss and learn the use of Qualtrics software
  • Learners teach each other (and answer each other’s questions)
  • Model “flipped classroom” teaching techniques
  • Increase network capacity within UNH, UNHCE, and eXtension

This learning opportunity is open to anyone interested in learning more about Qualtrics and online surveys. Contact UNH Cooperative Extension’s Steve Judd (stephen.judd@unh.edu) with any questions or feedback.

By UNH staff and UNH IT staff