Staff Recognition Honors 3,605 Years of Service

Staff Recognition Honors 3,605 Years of Service

Monday, May 13, 2013

The annual staff recognition luncheon was held May 1 honoring 199 employees who together have 3,605 years of service.  

Included were staff members who have worked at UNH 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years.  

During the celebration, President Mark Huddleston presented the 2013 Presidential Award of Excellence to this year's five award recipients.   

 staff with 40 years of service

Staff who have been here 40 years: (l to r) James Williams, CEPS, department of physics; Edward Ricker, UNH Dining; Diana Couture, Office of the Vice Provost for Research; Marlene Norton, COLSA, natural resources and the environment ; President Mark Huddleston.

Not pictured: Christopher Robarge, Thompson School of Applied Science.

 35 year employees

Staff with 35 years of service: front row (l to r): Deborah Cheever, Cooperative Extension; Mylinda Woodward, UNH Library; Suzy Allen, Financial Aid; and Nilda Janella, CHHS BSC.

Back row (l to r): William Littlefield, UNH Library; Robert Bennett, Grounds and Events; President Marl Huddleston; Walter Bennett, Facilities, Area V and John McLean, COLSA - Agricultural Experiment Station. Not pictured:  Jean Mitchell, Joyce Perkins, Linda Tibbetts.










 employees with 30 years of service

Staff with 30 years of service: front row (l to r): Robin Tuttle, IT enterprise computing; Kate Roberts, CEPS BSC;  Diane Byron, IT client services; and Deborah Maes, Cooperative Extension.

Back row (l to r):  Scott Burklund, UNH Dining; Bob Constantine, chemistry library; Paul Roberts, Printing & Mailing Services; Donald Smith, Grounds and Events; Mike Pirkl, Facilities; Sharon Andrews, Graduate School; Martha Demers, UNH Dining; and President Mark Huddleston.

Not pictured:  Anne Lawing, Maureen Reardon, Lonn Sattler, Maria Russell

 employees with 25 years of service

Staff with 25 years of service: front row (l to r): Peter Akerman, Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research; Timothy Taylor, UNH Dining; Lindsey Wicks Belaidi, EOS, Space Science Center;  and Kim Rhine, Financial Aid.

Back row, (l to r):  Thomas Johnson, Facilities - Zone 1; Leila Paje-Manalo, Office of International Students and Scholars; Thomas Baker, Research Computing & Instrumentation; Pamela Wildes, molecular, cellular and biomedical sciences; Nada Haddad, Cooperative Extension; and President Mark Huddleston. 

Not pictured:  Steve Adams, Paulette Baillargeon, Leo Bush, Wayne Chadbourn, Faye Cragin, Donald Hagstrom, Marc Labrie, Richard Langan, Sem Moeng, Jonathan Nute, Nancy Oakley, Paul Poulin, Brian Urbanski


















Staff Excellenceaward recipients

Presidential Award of Excellence recipients (l to r):  Kevin Sousa, COLA Dean's Office; Bonnie Hodgdon, COLA, department of communication; Beth Kilinc, Center for International Education; President Mark Huddleston; Charlotte Cross, Cooperative Extension; and Deborah Briand, justice studies program.