Internal Search on For Executive Director for Engagement and Faculty Development

Internal Search on For Executive Director for Engagement and Faculty Development

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Engagement and Academic Outreach will be conducting an internal search for a UNH faculty member to fill the position of executive director for Engagement and Faculty Development. This is a full time appointment reporting directly to the Senior Vice Provost for Engagement and Academic Outreach. A position description with qualifications and expectations for the position are attached.

This internal search will follow a process similar to other successful internal searches recently conducted.   

Interested candidates should submit a vita, a letter describing their qualifications, interest and experience addressing the major position responsibilities as described in the job description and the names and contact information for 3-5 references by March 1, 2013. A search committee will evaluate and recommend 2-3 candidates for consideration by the campus community.  Finalists will be asked to participate in an on-campus open forum.  For consideration, all materials should be submitted to in the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Engagement and Academic Outreach by March 1, 2013.   

My hope is to have this process completed before the end of the semester.

Thank you for your participation in this important process and I look forward to hearing from you.  


Julie E. Williams, Ph.D.

Senior Vice Provost 

Position Description,  Executive Director for Engagement and Faculty Development, Office of Engagement and Academic Outreach


The University of New Hampshire’s Office of Engagement and Academic Outreach leads, supports and serves as a catalyst to help actualize a number of strategic priorities articulated in the UNH Strategic Plan: UNH in 2020.  We develop and incubate new, and support ongoing opportunities to enhance the success of faculty and extension staff to help them reach beyond the University walls.  We are guided by a collaborative approach and seek to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the Colleges, UNHCE, EOS, the Research Office, the Sustainability Office and other campus units. Over the decade, we have also developed and sustained a faculty and staff volunteer network which has a positive ripple effect on our work.  

The office seeks to positively impact and help foster the success of faculty, students, staff and key external partners. This includes: a. supporting the success of faculty (tenure-track, research, extension) who collaborate with external partners, b. executing highly innovative faculty development programs to enhance faculty scholarship through external funding, c. supporting student learning and engagement opportunities through participation in the undergraduate research conference, d. evaluating the impact of specific administrative leadership initiatives, e. disseminating results in the literature and at national/international conferences f. supporting diversity and the inclusion of minorities and women and g. supporting outreach to and engagement with external collaborators to help positively impact the quality of life for citizens in New Hampshire, the nation and beyond.   

Critical to current and future strategic priorities is the development of innovative, cohort and topic based faculty development opportunities designed to help support faculty success across a range of disciplines. As such, and consistent with the UNH Strategic Plan, faculty development focuses on: a. engaging with external partners and b. enhancing faculty scholarship through external funding which has become a significant, and growing area of the office’s leadership responsibility.   

Position description: executive director for Engagement and Faculty Development 

The executive director for Engagement and Faculty Development will play a significant leadership role to help execute, disseminate and evaluate key office strategic priorities, while also helping to actualize specific University-wide strategic initiatives. As such, we seek a strategic thinker and innovative leader with expertise and significant experience in the following areas: a. faculty development and faculty coaching, b. program development designed specifically to enhance extramural funding, c. program evaluation, d. collaborative work with external & community partners, e. diversity and inclusion and f. experience supporting the success of tenure track, research and extension faculty. The successful candidate will also have a record of extramural funding, significant experience working directly with faculty across a wide range of disciplines, and scholarly achievement that merits appointment as an associate or full professor. Working in partnership with the Senior Vice Provost for Engagement & Academic Outreach (SVPEAO), the executive director will lead the development of new and execute current faculty development academies and initiatives, support engagement and outreach initiatives and lead the evaluation and dissemination strategy to assess impact and build national recognition. An entrepreneurial spirit is required, as is the ability to demonstrate superior evidence of the ability to effectively collaborating with colleagues, superiors, subordinates, students and external partners. 

The eecutive drector is a direct report to the Senior Vice Provost for Engagement and Academic Outreach (SVPEAO). Specific duties of the position are as follows: 

  • Work in close partnership with the SVPEAO and serve as senior advisor to the SVPEAO. Provide leadership for Office responsibilities in the SVPEAO absence.
  • In partnership with the SVPEAO, collaborate with the deans, and other members of the Provost’s Council to plan key faculty development initiatives and support engagement priorities. 
  • Provide leadership for and serve as faculty chair of the Research & Engagement Academy (REA) and the Engaged Scholars Academy (ESA). Develop specific strategies to work with faculty who have completed these academies.
  • Partner with the SVPEAO to co-lead other existing faculty development learning communities (e.g. NSF CAREER, INSPIRE, UNH Humanities).
  • Work in partnership with the SVPEAO to systematically develop new faculty development learning communities/programs that help support faculty and advance institutional priorities 
  • Supervise faculty fellows(s) who co-chair academies. In collaboration with the SVPEAO, provide oversight and support for the work of 10 -15 senior faculty mentors.
  • Lead efforts to continuously strengthen the relationship with UNH Cooperative Extension and with UNH-Manchester. Develop opportunities that help connect extension faculty and UNH-M faculty with the broader UNH faculty community while advancing engagement, extension and UNH-M priorities.
  • Lead efforts to develop and execute a research and evaluation plan to assess the effectiveness and impact over time of a range of faculty development learning communities, academies and programs.
  • Partner with the SVPEAO and key faculty collaborators and provide leadership to execute an ongoing publication and presentation strategy designed to position UNH for national leadership.
  • Provide oversight for a range of Office communications efforts including work on web content, web-based communications, press releases and other mechanisms of highlighting results. 
  • As Office initiatives and external opportunities evolve, work in partnership with the SVPEAO to identify new strategies to enhance success.
  • Develop reports and other documents required for internal and external needs
  • Other duties as assigned