Policy Changes for Getting Keys

Policy Changes for Getting Keys

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

UNH Facilities is instituting key issue policy and procedure changes within the next few weeks that will affect the way keys are requested on campus.  These changes will lead to a paperless streamlined system allowing designated “key requestors” to request keys online through the Facilities database FAMIS. 

A list is being sent to BSC directors and RCU heads to confirm key requestors within each RC unit. Facilities is holding two presentations on campus in September that will outline policy, procedure, and an overview of FAMIS as well as the historical reasons for why these changes are occurring. Key requestors will receive an invitation to this presentation and are encouraged to attend.  Policy and procedure information will also be available online at the Facilities website as the go-live date draws near. 

Facilities has been leveraging the software package FAMIS for several months to track maintenance related work. The spring rollout gave all campus customers the ability to enter maintenance related requests directly to FAMIS, as a self-service option. The new key control module, to be released on Sept.24, will allow for keys to be requested online.  

Key requestors will function in much the same way as Telecom account managers (TAM) do with Telecom, as they will be the designated representative(s) within their RCU and will have access to a key request form within FAMIS. The new process will also decrease the need for paper files and forms to process keys, as information will be entered directly to FAMIS. Key holders will still be required to sign for their keys (at the Facilities control center) and these forms will be scanned to reduce the need for paper files. 

UNH Facilities operations and maintenance and energy and Campus Development merged this summer to create the new UNH Facilities Division. With this change there has been a renewed effort to effectively manage and revitalize systems within Facilities.  Key request changes are part of these efforts and will increase security and accountability at UNH as FAMIS will now maintain an electronic record of each individual who holds a key to any UNH building, while streamlining the process for obtaining keys.