Campus Mail Delivery Goes to Three Days a Week Oct. 15

Campus Mail Delivery Goes to Three Days a Week Oct. 15

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Through a series of facilitated meetings, the mail services team created proposals to develop efficiencies and cost savings strategies that reflect the general trends in the mailing industry. The volume of paper mail has steadily and significantly decreased in the electronic age.   

The proposal to discontinue delivery service to outlying entities has been implemented (with the buy-in of the customer) and is projected to save $8,000 this year. Other staffing and process related strategies have also been implemented. 

The major initiative remaining is the proposal to reduce campus mail deliveries to 76 campus buildings to three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We reached out to the campus community to solicit feedback and received 38 responses, many of them positive and supportive. The 18 individuals with concerns were contacted personally, and most of them were resolved quickly. The others are in the process of being resolved.  

We learned from the feedback and made some changes. We will strategically place four drop boxes for outgoing mail and parcels that will be picked up and processed daily at the bus stops in front of Memorial Field, across from the Service Building on College Road, in front of the Housing Office on Academic Way and in the parking lot at Elizabeth Demeritt House. Exceptions to the delivery strategy will be assessed on a case by case basis.  

We worked with the US Postal Service to add buildings to their route ensuring five-day a week delivery to key buildings (Health Services is one). We increased the services available at the MUB Copy Center to include mailing and package shipping services five days a week.

We propose to launch the three day per week delivery schedule on Oct.15, and are committed to resolving the inevitable issues that will arise.