50 Years of Campus Journal

50 Years of Campus Journal

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On Sept. 13, 1962, the very first edition of Campus Journal was published. It was written on a typewriter, not that many years after the first electrics came into use at UNH.

“This is the first issue of a weekly newsletter which will be distributed to the whole university family,” the introduction read, concluding that it was an attempt to provide better communication. In the 50 years since, that goal has remained constant.

UNH Campus Journal: April 13th, 1967

Campus Journal: April 13, 1967. (Volume 5, Number 32). » View hi-res front page.

Published by what was then the Office of Informational Services (which later became the News Bureau and then, Media Relations), the weekly newsletter was mailed to all employees, the board of trustees, and the board of directors of the Alumni Association.  That September issue announced the first faculty meeting of the year, the newly-named registrar (Owen Durgin),  exhibits on display in Gallery A and Gallery B in the two-year-old Paul Creative Arts Center, a list of WENH TV programs of interest, and the award of a $29,290 grant from the Office of Public Health to Lawrence Slanetz, professor of microbiology, for continued research on water pollution.

The debut publication laid the groundwork for the kinds of news items and updates that continue to be provided to faculty and staff each week, although some past offerings are no longer included. During the 1970s, there was a “Bulletin Board” section listing puppies for sale, childcare providers and garage sale notices. Job opportunities were also posted back then as was the whole Recreation Center schedule, and the campus calendar.

On Aug. 8, 1977, a special edition of Campus Journal was published to report on recent budget actions taken by the board of trustees. It addressed tuition, the operating budget, merit raises, and benefits. That same month the new women’s studies minor was announced. In December, there was an article on the extension educators ranking system being adopted by Cooperative Extension.

UNH Campus Journal: March 13, 1986. (Volume 23, Number 32)

Campus Journal: March 13, 1986. (Volume 23, Number 32). » View hi-res front page.

The last print issue of Campus Journal was released on Jan. 1, 2005, when the newsletter moved to an online only publication.

“CJ editor was my first job. I loved it because I met so many faculty and staff during those years, and still know most of them today. It served the same purpose as it does now only, of course, it was a hard copy, not online. It published every Thursday and the only time I got feedback on an issue was when CJ was delayed at the Exeter printer or Mail Services. If it was more than 30 minutes late, my phone would start ringing. Using PageMaker for the first time, the screen on my first Mac was about 8 inches by 8 inches. I thought that was so cool.”—Kim Billings, director of Advancement Communications, Campus Journal editor 1984-1987.

“I wrote articles, interviewing faculty, staff and administrators, but I only produced Campus Journal once by myself, when the regular editor was out. CJ was newsprint, I think four pages, 8-1/2x11, folded. Sometimes eight. You'd write a story, print it out, cut up the print-out and paste it onto a layout sheet, and then send the layout to be shot and printed. The Internet didn't exist, so the printed version was left in stacks around campus. It sounds so primitive now.”—Doug Roberts, Portsmouthnh.com., CJ writer, 1982-1985.  

UNH Campus Journal: March 10, 1994. (Volume 31, Number 29).

Campus Journal: March 10, 1994. (Volume 31, Number 29). » View hi-res front page.

“When I became CJ editor in 2001, CJ was a print-only publication printed at UNH Printing Services. Several years later we moved to an online-only publication, which expanded our coverage opportunities and allowed us to more effectively deliver UNH news to the campus community at a reduced cost.” –Lori Wright, UNH Media Relations, CJ editor 2001-2006

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