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UNH Calendar Help

• About the Calendar
• Guidelines for Submitting an Event
• Submitting Events to the Calendar
• Changing or Deleting Items Submitted to The Calendar
• Creating Calendars for Administrative Units and Departments
• Special Features of the Calendar

About The Calendar

The University of New Hampshire Calendar provides a one-stop source of event information for students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and the public. The calendar is maintained by University Communications and Marketing with assistance from various calendar managers across campus.

Posting events offers an opportunity to showcase the University’s vibrant community and can help prevent scheduling conflicts. By advertising seminars, cultural events and other activities, the calendar encourages communication and community within UNH, provides more comprehensive information to the external world, and in general helps serve the University’s educational and research missions.

What is an Event?

Events include lectures, meetings, training programs, arts events, sporting events, club events, social events, and deadlines (last day to register for spring semester classes, etc.) They may include on-campus events or off-campus events sponsored by a UNH-affiliated group.

These events may be open to the general public, the UNH community or a segment of the UNH community. Since the calendar can be viewed by the world, sponsors need to specify who can attend the event if it is not open to the public. Internal private meetings are best managed through the University’s e-mail calendaring system.

Guidelines for Submitting an Event

What types of events are appropriate for posting to the calendar?

All University of New Hampshire-affiliated events:
• Academic or research seminars.
• Employee events including professional development.
• Events open and of general interest to the UNH campus community and the public.
• Events sponsored by a UNH center, college, department, institute, program, or a recognized student club or organization.

What type of an event or item is unacceptable for posting to the calendar?

• Events not affiliated with a University of New Hampshire college, school, department, approved program, or recognized organization.
• Events not sponsored by a UNH center, college, department, institute, program, or a recognized student club or organization
• Solicitations
• Advertisements for companies or products
• Duplications of events already listed on the calendar

Calendar managers have the authority to remove inappropriate postings consisting of, but not limited to:

• Those of an illegal nature (after conferring with legal counsel)
• Those in conflict with UNH policy


Who can submit events to the calendar?

Anyone can submit an event. The ability to revise an event depends on access level. Access levels for the calendar are listed below:

Requestor: Ability to view and submit events. Submitted events are only posted after review and approval by a calendar manager.
Calendar user: Ability to view and submit events. Events are automatically posted to the calendar. Does not require approval by calendar manager.
Calendar manager: Full access to calendar. Ability to carry out all administrative functions for the calendar (edit, change, delete, create URLs, add/edit/delete special dates, etc.)

What information is needed for submission?

Topic: The event content must be directly related to the University of New Hampshire and must not contain any commercial advertising, religious or political editorials, or solicitations. Messages must be free of slander, obscenities, and other material that may be considered unlawful.

Content: Messages should be concise. All messages must include a date, time, entry fees (if applicable), location, sponsor, and brief description of the event. Messages may contain links to appropriate Web pages and attachments. The calendar manager reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and/or length.

Format: Content should be created using normal text only. Do not include graphics or formatting such as bolded text, underlined text, or italics. The calendar approved font is Verdana 10. Font color is restricted to black.

Style: Messages should be checked for spelling, grammar and accuracy of names, titles, dates, location, contact information, etc. Messages will be monitored, but not fact-checked for accuracy of names, phone numbers, e-mail, Web addresses, etc. Please do not include all-caps and exclamation points for emphasis. Acronyms should be spelled out the first time they appear, and event titles should be concise.

Why are event titles in different colors?

Predetermined font colors are designated for the following purposes and restricted to specific calendar managers:

• Blue (00008B): Dates that indicate when UNH is closed
• Brown (8B4513) : *Religious holidays
• Red (FF0000): Special alerts such as campus emergencies or curtailed operations due to inclement weather.

*Only those religious holidays affecting exam schedules or class attendance will be posted to the calendar. Comprehensive religious holiday calendar.

Calendar view

The Calendar View can be accessed by clicking on All Events from the landing page. By default, the calendar displays all events from all calendars in the main view. After you click on All Events you will see the calendar is organized based on day, week, month and year views. The default is a monthly view.


There are multiple options for viewing a specific calendar:
• From the calendar landing page, click on a specific pre-defined views under Popular Searches, or
• From the calendar landing page calendar landing page, click on “All Events”. From the Calendars box in the bottom right corner, click on Clear (all check marks disappear), then click to the left of the specific calendar(s) you want to view and a checkmark will display, and the events will appear for each of those you choose, or
• From the calendar landing page calendar landing page, click on “Complete Listing of UNH Calendars”. Click on View All to view all calendar events. To view a specific calendar or calendars, click on Clear (all check marks disappear), then click to the left of the calendar names you want to view (check marks will display), then click on View.

Note: The only way to return to the landing page from the Calendar View screen is to user your browser back button or click on this link

Navigation arrows empty

The arrows at the top of the screen allow you to move forward or back in time by one unit, according to which view is active. For instance, if the month view is active, click on the left arrow to see the previous month's display; if the day view is active, click an arrow to see the previous or next day's events.

“Go” feature

The Go function at the top of the calendar view acts as a filter to enable a refined search for events that have the same keyword. For example, entering the word “basketball” in the field immediately before the Go button, then clicking Go, will list all events in that calendar view that have the word basketball in the event title. If you want to display all the event for that year, you must first click on year, then use the Go feature.


There are multiple options to search for a specific event:
• From the landing page, click on Search on the left menu. Fill out all data in the Filters box. Select the specific calendar or select All in the Calendars box. Click on Search. The search results will display on the right of the page. 
• From the All Events page click on Search from the menu. Follow the instructions above to perform the search.

Note: To return to the main view (All Events view) click on Calendar from the menu and View All.

Submitting Events to the Calendar

How do I submit an event to be posted on the calendar?

Click on Submit Event. Complete each field. Please note that only the event name, date, and time appear on the calendar. When a viewer clicks on the event listed on the calendar, an event details page opens that includes the additional information entered on the event submission form. Click Preview at any time to see how the information will appear on the calendar. Close the preview box before the next step.

Click Submit to send your event to a calendar manager for review and approval. You will be sent an email concerning the status of your event. If approved, your event will be posted to your selected calendars.

Field Definitions (*denotes required fields)



*Event Title

The title or name of the event

Title URL

The URL (Web site address) for the event’s Web page

*Post Date

The date that the event is to be posted to the selected calendar or calendars. The default value is the current day’s date.


A list of all active calendars that are currently in the UNH Calendar system. Click the “Lookup” emptyicon next to the calendar field on the event submission form to open the Calendars dialog box and select the calendars to which you want to post events. Events can be submitted to multiple calendars. Please review the list of calendars to determine the appropriate affiliation for your event. The list of UNH Calendars includes:
• Alumni Association
• Athletics
• College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA)
• Computing and Information Systems (CIS) Training
• Diversity
• Fine and Performing Arts
• Human Resources – Training and Events
• Campus Recreation
• Student Events and Programs
• UNH Academic Calendar (restricted for Registrar’s Office)
• UNH Public Calendar: All events open to the public should be posted to the public calendar. Only events listed on the public calendar will feed directly to UNH Today.

Event Type

Drop down list of all event types in the UNH Calendar system. Browse or search events by type in order to make it easier to find events of interest. A current list of UNH event types includes:

Academic Events

Convocations, conferences such as the Undergraduate Research Conference, and other events of an academic nature.

Alumni Events

Alumni gatherings on and off campus. Includes chapter meetings.


Art exhibits. Includes programming for campus museums.


University athletic events such as Men and Women’s Hockey and Basketball, Football, Field Hockey, etc.


Various camps such as sports camps, art camps, and music camps.

Campus and Community Events

University-wide events and activities involving the greater surrounding community. Public service activities, volunteer projects, community outreach, and other programs that foster UNH's commitment to service.

Career/Internship Fairs

Career-related job fairs, employer recruitment days, and career development workshops.

Class/Exam Schedule

Dates pertaining to the academic year such as when classes begin and end and exam periods.

Commencement Activities

Events and dates surrounding the graduation celebration. Commencement Fair, cap and gown pick-up, alumni association graduation celebration, graduation celebrations hosted by various departments, honors convocation and the commencement ceremony.


Formal meetings or assemblies, an exhibition for selling goods.


Activities at various dining establishments around campus.


Cultural events and activities.

Faculty/Staff Events

Events specific to faculty and staff only.


Meetings for open discussion, assembly or gathering.

Human Resources

Events, activities, and professional development programming sponsored by the Office of Human Resources for UNH employees.


Performing arts, film festivals.

Open Houses

Planned open houses for each college and school.

Professional Development/Training

Courses, seminars, and workshops

Receptions/Award Ceremonies

Institutional events of recognition such as the Pettee Medal Award, Hall of Fame Ceremony, Student Awards Ceremony, etc.

Recreational Sports/Fitness

Intramural sports, aquatics, fitness classes.


Featured speakers presenting for the purpose of instruction, small groups studying specific areas of research.

Special Events

Events outside of conventional categories. Presentations by dignitaries, town hall meetings by politicians, building renovation celebrations, ribbon cutting celebrations, entertainers, etc.

Sport Clubs

Activities for student groups, faculty and staff organized for a common athletic interest. Includes scheduling for intercollegiate competition.

Student Events

Events specific to students such as activities sponsored by student organizations or UNH-affiliated departments.


Sports and academic events such as athletic team conference tournaments, Mock Trial competitions and tournaments for the Justice Studies department, and the Holloway Business Plan Competition.

UNH Holiday Schedule

Holidays affecting UNH daily operations.

Whittemore Center Arena— Non-Athletic Events

Entertainment performances other than UNH sports team events such as concerts, children’s shows, etc.

*Contact Name

The name of the contact person for the event.
Note: if you do not want this information to appear for the event, select Hide.

*Contact Email

The email for the contact person for the event.
Note: if you do not want this information to appear for the event, select Hide.

Contact Phone

The phone number for the contact person for the event.
Note: if you do not want this information to appear for the event, select Hide.


The location where the event is to take place. You can manually enter a location, or you can click the Lookup icon to open a dropdown list of locations and make a selection from the list. Note: Events that affect both the Durham and Manchester campuses (such as “Last Day of Classes”) need to be designated with the location preceding the event. For example, “UNH Manchester – No Classes,” “UNH Durham – Classes Begin,” etc. Pertains in particular to “special dates.”

Location URL

The URL (Web site address) for the location’s web page.

Event Description

A text description of the event. The event description appears on the calendar when a guest or user clicks on the event name for more information about the event. Text font, size and color are restricted to Verdana, 10 point and black.

Add image

Click Browse to open the Choose File dialog box for browsing to and selecting an image that is to be associated with the event. Images should be in these formats: jpeg, png or gif and should be less than 1 mb in size.

Event Times Fields

Field Definitions:



*Start Date

The starting date for the event. The default value is the current day’s date.


If the event is a recurring date, click Recurrence to open the Event Details dialog box, and specify the information for the recurring event.

Recurrence Pattern

Indicates frequency of the event. You must select at least a start date for the pattern. When you have specified all of the recurrence information, click Apply Recurrence. If you need to make changes to the pattern or clear the pattern altogether, click Remove Recurrence.


Indicate the appropriate time for the event.

Timed Event: if an event is a timed event, you must specify a start time and then you will need to do one of the following:
• Specify an end time for the same day
• Select no end time
• Select an end time that goes into the next day

If your selected end time goes into the next day, the event name as well as the beginning and end time appear on the calendar with a Next Day appearing next to the ending time.

Untimed Event: If the event date is an untimed event, you must specify only a date for the event and only the event name appears on the calendar.

All Day Event:
If the event is an All Day event, you must specify only a date for the event. The phrase “All Day Event” appears above the event name on the calendar.

Additional Information Fields

Field Definitions:



Additional Info

Appears on the Submit Events page only if the calendar manager has set up User Defined Questions (UDQ) with the calendar. If needed, you can modify the default answer for the UDQ.

Custom Fields

These fields are available to provide additional information particular to your event. This tab is opened by default when the Submit Events page first opens.

Field Name 1: This is the header for the Description Field such as “Parking Info.”
Note: Click the Hint icon to open a list of preset field names.
Description Field: Enter additional information that describes Field Name 1. For example, under Field Name 1 “Parking Info,” indicate in the Description Field where to park and whether a pass is required.
URL: Enter the URL for the Web site that provides additional information about the event.


Click E-mails to open the e-mails tab. On this tab you can enter the email addresses for the invitees to the event. Separate multiple email addresses with either commas or semi-colons.


To add attachments to the event, click Attachments to open the Attachments tab, and then click Browse to open the Choose File dialog box for browsing to and selecting the attachments. After you have added all of the required attachments, click OK. A list of attachments appears on the tab. The list shows the name of each attachment, the size of the attachment, and provides an option to delete the attachment (for example, if you added the attachment in error or if the attachment becomes obsolete). The limit for attachments is two and should be should be pdf, doc, or docx and less than 1 mb in size.


In the Event Description section, click on the Image Gallery icon. Click on Upload and browse to the icon you want to include (be sure to use a supported format like jpeg). After you click on the icon, you will see it is saved in the image gallery. Close the window. Click on the Insert Image icon. Select the box next to the image to be added. Click on Insert. Your image will be added.

When will my event show up on the calendar?

The calendar managers review submitted events each weekday. Approved events will be posted to the calendar within 72-hours of submission.

If an event does not appear to meet the requirements, the administrator will contact the person who submitted the item.

How often can I post events on the calendar?

There are no restrictions on the number of times an organization may post on the calendar, as long as the content meets the above cited criteria.

May I submit a photo or image to be posted with my event?

Yes. Images should be in these formats: jpeg, png or gif and less than 1 mb in size.

What time period will the calendar cover?

The calendar will list events from the current date up to two years forward. Events posted on the calendar will continue to appear on the calendar for a minimum of a one-year period from the date posted. Users can search for past events in the same manner as they do for upcoming events.

How do I contact the calendar administrator?

E-mail the calendar administrator.

Changing or Deleting Events Submitted to the Calendar

Only designated calendar managers have the authority to make changes to events submitted to the calendar. Please contact the calendar administrator. for assistance changing or deleting your event.

Calendars for UNH Administrative Units and Departments

Is it possible for a college, administrative unit, or department to establish a calendar?

To establish a calendar, please contact the calendar administrator, Bunny Coletti and indicate that you would like to establish a calendar for your department. Please be sure to include your name, department, and contact information. In the e-mail, include a name for your calendar (e.g., The College of Liberal Arts), a description for it (e.g., events and programs) and a calendar administrator/contact name and e-mail address. The calendar administrator is available to train new calendar managers. In addition, the calendar administrator can provide a copy of the calendar manager user manual.

Who maintains or administers school, college, administrative unit, and department calendars?

The college, department or school designates a calendar manager for its specific calendar.

Special Features of the Calendar

Printing and emailing an event to someone are standard, commonly known features of this online calendar model. Less well-known features worth noting are listed below.

If you're interested in receiving an email reminder about an event, click to see the details of that specific event and then click on the Remind Me icon on the right. The reminder can be set to a preset time before the events starts, ranging from 15 minutes to two weeks.

Calendar subscriptions
You can subscribe to a calendar view and receive email notification if events are added, modified, or deleted from a calendar view. You receive a digest of the changes around 6:00 a.m. each day. To subscribe, navigate to a calendar view (e.g., Athletics) and click on the Subscribe link on the upper left. You can then subscribe to one or more calendars and then choose to receive notifications for new events, event changes/cancellations, or both. (The email notification will include an option to unsubscribe as well).

Add to personal calendar
The calendar supports adding events to a personal calendar (e.g., Apple's iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook) by supporting the iCalendar standard for calendar data exchange.

RSS feeds are available for most calendars. Learn more about RSS feeds.

Special Notes for Calendar Managers

Designations for events such as “Special Dates” or “Announcements” are restricted for use only by the calendar administrator and the Web master. If you feel your event needs to have a “Special Date” designation, please contact the calendar administrator.

If you would like to add another calendar user from your department, please contact the calendar administrator, Bunny Coletti. The calendar administrator can also provide a copy of the calendar manager user manual.

Let us know what you think. We rely on your feedback!

This calendar requires Firefox 2.0 (Mac and PC), IE7 (PC) or IE8 (PC).