Tuition & Fees

UNH Law Tuition & Fees

Academic Year 2015/16 Tuition and Fees
NH Resident
Out-of-State Resdient
Residential Programs
Per Semester
Per Year
Per Semester
Per Year
JD Program
LLM or Masters
Joint Degree (JD/LLM or JD/Masters)
Dual Degree (JD/MBA or JD/MSW)
Residential Student Fees
Per Semester
Per Year
Per Semester
Per Year
Student Activity Fee
Technology Fee
Online Course Fee for Residential Students*

*Academic rules allow the option for Residential students paying residential tuition to take a certain number of courses that are offered online. If the student chooses to take an online course, there is a $245 course fee in addition to regular tuition. The cost of the course is included in your regular tuition.

Part-Time (Per Credit)
Full-Time (Per Trimester)
Overload (Per Credit)
# Credits Registered
In-State Resident Tuition
FT Tuition + $1,125 per credit over 12
Out-of-State Resident Tuition
FT Tuition + $1,250 per credit over 12

Other Programs
In-State Resident
Out-of-State Resident
JD Clinics, Externship, Summer ICLJ
$1,233 per credit
$1,370 per credit
Graduate Externship
IP Summer Institute Courses
Visiting Student Scholars per semester

Student Fees for Online, Other Programs, and Visiting Scholars
All fees are per semester/session
1-4 Credits
5-8 Credits
9+ Credits
Tech Fee
Activity Fee
Registration Fee
Total Fees per Semester/Session


Financial Information for UNH Law Students

Student payments and student refunds will be handled through the Webcat Services tab in Blackboard/MyUNH 


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