Billing & Payment

Payment Methods

UNH has discontinued mailing paper bills. Students now access their bills through Blackboard/MyUNH and, if necessary, forward to responsible parties. Payment is accepted by personal check, bank check, money order, cash (must be delivered in person only), wire transfer, electronic check, and credit card. A non-refundable service charge of 2.75% will be added for all credit card transactions. A combination of payment methods may be used. Please note: Business Services may process checks electronically.

Checks sent through the mail should be made payable to UNH, include the student's ID number and may be sent to:

UNH Business Services
11 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824

Monthly Payment Option

An optional 5-month payment plan for fall and spring semesters is offered through Tuition Management Systems. Payments will be due the first of each month from July - November (fall) and December - April (spring). This option is for degree students only.

Parent PLUS Loans

Parents may apply for a federal parent PLUS loan. Applications should be completed and submitted to lenders as soon as possible before the payment due date. For more information see Direct PLUS Loan for Parents.

Alternative Loans

Students may apply for alternative loans offered by some banks. Alternative loans are private, non-federal student loans. Most require co-signers.

Applications should be completed and submitted to lenders as soon as possible before the payment due date.

Information about alternative loan options may be found on the UNH Financial Aid web site.

Company/Agency Sponsorship

Students receiving sponsorship by government agencies, ROTC, school districts, companies or other third parties should forward notices, bill authorizations or other evidence of the sponsorships on official letterhead to:

UNH Business Services
Attention: Third-Party Billing
Stoke Hall
11 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824

Non-University sponsorships must be pre-approved by the UNH Credit Department. Sponsorships that specify completion of coursework prior to payment are not accepted. If a company or agency has a reimbursement-to-student policy, the student is responsible for paying the total charges to UNH at the time of registration.

Please see Account Change Form for instructions for sponsorships not credited on the tuition bill.

Students with company / agency sponsorship should be aware and have agreed that the University will release relevant student account information to the sponsorship provider.

This option is available for degree students only. Third party sponsorships are not accepted for non-degree students.

Wire Transfer Information

Funds may be wired to UNH's account. Please call Business Services at (603) 862-2230 for wire transfer information. The sender should be aware that wire transaction fees vary and should be included in the total amount transferred. International students can select Peer Transfer/Flywire, and international payment option provided through QuikPay, the UNH online payment option.

Returned Check Policy

Checks that have been returned for nonpayment are assessed a $30 return-check charge. A bank check, money order, or cash must be used to replace a returned check.

If two or more checks are returned for non-sufficient funds, the University will be unable to accept future personal checks for that student account.

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