Tuition & Fees

Information on Fees

Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fees are charged to all UNH students who are enrolled in 5 or more credit hours. The technology fee is listed separately on student bills and is charged to all UNH students, including those registered for fewer than 5 credits.

The services and facilities supported by mandatory fees are available to all students. They are not charged based on the extent of students' usage of the facilities or services supported by the fees. For a listing of current academic fee rates please select your student type from the menu on the left.

Students who withdraw or drop to part-time after classes begin may be eligible for a full or partial refund of fees based on the date of withdrawal or drop to part-time (see Withdrawal from the University or Change to Part-Time Status for more information).

Student Activity Fee (undergraduate students only)

Support for the following organizations and services:

Health Services

University Health Services provides comprehensive, student-focused, primary medical care, laboratory testing, radiology, and pharmacy services. During the regular academic year, the clinical staff consist of board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and medical assistants who have experience working with adolescents and young adults and are committed to prevention and holistic care. The Office of Health Education and Promotion presents educational workshops, offers support groups, and facilitates ongoing educational groups on a variety of physical and emotional health issues. Visit UNH Health Services for more information.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is a mental health facility whose services are designed to enhance students' ability to fully benefit from the University environment and academic experience. Services include counseling and therapy for students who may be experiencing situational or ongoing psychological difficulties, providing programming to meet the developmental needs of the student population, and encouraging a University atmosphere conducive to personal and intellectual growth and psychological well-being. The Center provides individual counseling, emergency assistance, consultation, group counseling, and learning disabilities screening. Visit UNH Counseling Center for more information.

Memorial Union

The Memorial Union Building (MUB) provides opportunities for student involvement and offers space for programs, meetings, and study, as well as for major public events, movies, and other entertainment. A complete listing of programs, services, and events can be found on the MUB web site.

Student Recreation

Student Athletics (undergraduate students only)

For more information visit UNH Athletics

Transportation Fee

For more information visit UNH Transportation Services

Technology Fee

For more information visit UNH Information Technology

Optional Fees

Cat's Cache
Cat's Cache is an optional declining balance account used for meals, vending machines, laundry, bookstore, MUB and many downtown Durham businesses. The account carries forward from semester to semester.

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