ROTC Support

Providing quality support to the current ROTC programs and cadets is our number one priority. In recent years the level of monetary support to current programs has not kept up with the needs of the programs and cadets. We have established several programs for ROTC Alumni to contribute. Each program enhances the quality of life of our cadets, supports a strong learning environment for our cadets, and assists cadets who have financial needs. Please take the time to review the programs needs and contribute to the program that best fits your ability and motivation to support our cadets.

Your generosity toward our campaign will help us reach our goals for a range of dynamic programs including:

Commander’s Discretionary Fund - This programs allow the PMS and PAS flexibility to reward high performing cadets, provide incentives for encouraging cadets to volunteer to do more with the ROTC programs, and to provide financial assistance to struggling cadets.

Professional Development Fund - This fund will be used to keep our technology, library and resources current for real world applications and professional enrichment. This fund will also be used for training and cadet events such as the Military Ball, Whitewater Rafting Trip, and Cross-Country Skiing Trip which are currently unfunded events.

There are many ways to fund a gift to the ROTC Alumni Association Campaign for Leadership. You may use any one or both of these funds to assist you in achieving your giving objective. What’s best for you depends on many factors. We suggest you consult your tax attorney, financial planner, or contact the UNH Foundation at 1-800-738-7426.

Opportunities to link your own name, in perpetuity, with one of the above programs or with a program reflecting your own special interests are available.

To contribute to the future of Army and Air Force ROTC at the University of New Hampshire and its consortium schools, please contact us.