UNH Student Employment Resources

About These Listings

Employment opportunities listed here are provided for the general interest of the UNH student community. Every effort is made to keep these listings up-to date.

If you wish to place a listing under Student Employment Postings, send a plain text message via e-mail to unhinfo.ads@unh.edu - no files or attachments please! Be sure to include some method of contact in the body of your listing. We do not edit the content of these listings in any way.

Student employment ads will be listed for approximately 30 days. You may resubmit an ad as often as necessary and there is no limit to the number of ads you can post.

A note on Work-study ads:
College Work-Study are now available online through the Financial Aid Office Web site. All inquiries related to work-study jobs should be made to:

Financial Aid Office
11 Garrison Ave
Stoke Hall
Durham, NH 03824
phone: (603) 862-3600
fax: (603) 862-1947
e-mail: http://financialaid.unh.edu/contact-info


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